Reason Consignment PCB Assembly Services Have High Demand

By Mer-Mar Electronics Date posted: Last updated: October 7, 2022
consignment PCB assembly services

A wide variety of assembly services are in demand these days, each with its own set of advantages. Clients find benefits in consignment, turnkey and hybrid assembly services for a wide variety of reasons. In the turnkey process, for example, the contract manufacturer is accountable for the end-to-end process beginning with PCB material selection and ending with assembly. The process, therefore, takes away every hassle and ensures the client can focus on their core competencies.

In the consignment PCB assembly service, clients have to provide the material to the contract manufacturer. Emerging companies, particularly, choose to begin production of their electronic components under a consignment model. This is on account of several reasons such as the fact that they may have in-house manufacturing resources.

In between turnkey and consignment assembly lies hybrid assembly where the client provides selected material while the contract manufacturer procures the balance.

Consignment Assembly & Circumstances

Consignment PCB Assembly finds favor when as a client you manufacture expensive or exclusive products. In such a scenario it works well for you to provide the parts to the contract manufacturer. It, in turn, ensures that the manufacturing process is cost-effective and also that it isn’t easy to replicate your product.

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Consignment PCB Assembly Services – Demand & Benefits

Consignment PCB assembly services are seeing high demand on account of the following benefits that they offer:

1. Quality Control

Since the client procures or in some cases manufactures the components, quality control is a given. It ensures that the PCBs adhere to a certain quality, which in turn goes a long way in ensuring efficacy of the final product.

This option can also work well for mass production and therefore where large productions runs are a requirement, it works well.

2. Quick turn Delivery

Quick-go-to-market is a major source of competitive advantage in today’s landscape. With this facility, turnover time reduces significantly, and go-to-market becomes that much easier. This is because you do not have to rely on a long-drawn supply chain, which could let you down.

3. Cost advantage

Consignment is one of the factor that affect PCB assembly cost and it reduces costs significantly when you go with this option. Importantly, with these services, there aren’t any hassles for the contract manufacturer to maintain their own facility.

4. Complex Parts

Particularly in situations where the parts are complex, niche, or patented, consignment assembly works extremely well. It also is the go-to option where the assemblies need to be customized to the client’s bespoke requirements.

More About Consignment PCB Assembly

Consignment Assembly finds extensive applications where:

  • The PCB relies on a specialized component.
  • The company has a patented product and therefore has easy access to components.
  • The components are complex.

In many cases contract manufacturers also offer an in-depth inventory process to ensure that all parts are available prior to PCB assembly. They also offer storage and warehousing facilities so that the products are available for an upcoming project.

Overall, as a client you are absolutely assured of the quality of the PCB as you count on your contract manufacturer to offer you assembly options such as:

  • Surface Mounted Technology (SMT)
  • Plated Through Hole (PTH)
  • Mixed Technology

In addition to that, customers can also avail RoHS 5 and RoHS 6 compliant assemblies or leaded or lead free assembly, single or double-sided mixed technology assemblies and more as per their bespoke needs.

When the customer’s expertise in part manufacturing comes together with the contract manufacturer’s expertise, it becomes a win-win combination. The contract manufacturer works closely with the customer’s in-house supply chain. What you have, in turn, is a formula to go-to-market early.

Particularly in times of covid-19, finding dependable vendors becomes a process that is replete with multiple issues, the advantage of consignment PCB assembly cannot be overstated. There cannot be a better way to alleviate the hassles of the supply chain than to rely on the customer to offer quality parts when they are needed.

Go ahead and give your venture wings with Consignment PCB Assembly. Quality and control come together in this model, like never before!

Mer-Mar Electronics offers end-to-end turnkey PCB assembly and consigned PCB assembly services for turning your ideas into products. Whether you need partial turnkey assembly or full turnkey or consignment turnkey assembly, we’ve got you covered. From small volume prototypes to large volume production runs using semi-automated and fully automated surface mount as well as through-hole technology equipment, you get everything under one umbrella.

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