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Panel Mount Assembly


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Panel Mount Assembly

In today’s fastest growing world of technology, Panel Mount assemblies are used in variety of application just as LED indications, but the point of indication is not in close proximity to the PCB.

Panel mount assembly is a sub assembly which includes an LED plus a housing with a wire lead, connector or a lens covering LED. Mer-Mar offers two types of Panel Mount assemblies include sealed and unsealed assembly, which is compatible with a range of environments. We have a team of qualified and experience personal who can help you to identify the best panel mount assembly as per the application, environment and demand.

Mer-Mar’s Sealed assembly are available in steel, brass and anodized aluminium packages. They are whether resistant and ideal for environmental protection of enclosures around the electronic equipment. Sealed assembly is compatible with a variety of voltage.

Mer-Mar’s unsealed assembly allows designer a flexibility to design multi-signal displays as per the project demand. They are general use and cost-effective option. It is available with leads, connector terminations or wires.
Panel Mount Assembly is indicated to mount directly at the point of indication.

panel mount assembly


Panel Mount Assembly

Mer-Mar’s Panel Mount assemblies are used in various application includes,

  • Medical Industry
  • Power Supplies
  • Imaging Equipments
  • Sound/Video Equipments
  • Measuring Equipments
  • Security Cameras

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