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PCB Prototyping

Mer-Mar Electronics is a renowned PCB prototyping & manufacturing company and has been leading the way for over 4 decades in California, USA. We are specialized in providing low and high-volume printed circuit board prototyping services for single and double-sided PCBs to complex multilayer PCBs. Our customized and quicker PCB prototype services help you to make the right decision before you move for a full production run to avoid costly mistakes. We ensure that your prototype PCB is as close as possible to the final board design.

We have a shrewd team of technicians and brilliant engineers who can fulfill rapid PCB prototyping requests as per your requirements and specifications. By maintaining the highest quality standards and adhering to the best industry regulations, we fulfill the customized PCB prototyping requests as quickly as 24 hours to a week for standard deliveries. Our customers enjoy enormous flexibility and can order any number of PCB prototypes they want at competitive prices.

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified PCB manufacturing company, we follow an uncompromised approach in opting for IPC-trained employees who form the core part of our in-house quality assurance team. Every custom PCB prototype we build comes with reliability testing, certified workmanship, and specialized engineering support. Through triple process inspection, we make sure to provide the top-quality standards for small to complex PCB prototypes.

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Ultimate PCB Prototyping Services
for Exceptional Archetypes

Automated Process

We have automated the PCB prototyping services through the use of computer-aided designs that leave less scope for error. Through this, we also reduce material wastage. By automating, we also provide faster PCB prototype services and still deliver high-quality.

Full-Funnel PCB Prototypes

Our PCB prototyping services encompass all aspects of the PCB manufacturing and design process. From board fabrication, initial design, PCB assembly, specialized production, interior, and exterior components, we offer full-suite PCB prototype services.

Massive Flexibility

We test out different materials for creating models and you can enjoy greater flexibility as we provide you multiple prototypes from which you can choose one.

Short-lead Time

Through software-accelerated sourcing, design validation, and DFM process, we make sure to deliver accurate and high-quality prototypes in the shortest lead time possible. Our entire supply chain is optimized to deliver even the high complexity builds in the fastest time possible.


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PCB Prototyping Services

PCB Prototyping Services to
build High Mix Low Volume Prototypes

Mer-Mar Electronics has over 4 decades of cumulative experience in offering best-in-class PCB prototype services and has been a one-stop solution for quick-turn PCB prototyping needs. We offer seamless services from PCB fabrication to assembly under one roof to eliminate any of the complexities and complications you may encounter if you had to run from pillar to post if you rely on multiple manufacturers.

PCB Prototyping

Low Volume Small Batch PCB Prototyping

Kickstart your full PCB production run with our low-volume or small-quantity PCB prototyping services. We will let you quickly check the design, performance and capabilities of your circuit boards before getting into production. We develop cost-effective, efficient, and quick-turn solutions through low-volume PCB prototypes for our customers. The number of boards in a batch can range to 250 or less depending on your needs and regardless of this, we ensure the quality of your board prototype through meticulous synchronization of DFM, DFA, and DFT.

PCB Prototyping Services

High Volume PCB Prototyping

We are a complete turnkey PCB solution provider and offer high-volume PCB prototyping services as well with precise performance. With state-of-the-art equipment, we are qualified enough to provide a wide range of high-volume PCB assemblies of up to a million. With our high-volume PCB prototyping services, you can improve your production run, speed uptime, and reduce cost overheads. You can count on us for any kind of high-volume PCB prototyping requirements at unbeatable prices!

PCB Prototyping Service

Rapid PCB Prototyping

Fast PCB prototyping is one of our cornerstones of PCB prototyping services. From faster fabrication to production, we rely on computer-aided designs along with new manufacturing techniques that serve as great visual aids in design and development. We are ever-prepared for long-term production by getting the PCB prototypes with speed, precision, and minimal intricacies. Our engineering staff is prepared to intercede with any problems related to the electrical or mechanical or component related.

Prototyping PCB

Multi-Layer & Complex PCB Prototyping

We have a full selection of multi-layer PCB designs and software layouts for delivering high speed, high-reliability, and high-density complex and multilayer PCB design. Trusted by thousands of companies, Mer-Mar Electronics has been the perfect place for multilayer PCB prototype services. Robust design, high capabilities, and multi-functionality services helped us to build the best multilayer PCBs. You can be assured of high durability, improved quality, and high performance with the incorporation of high-density layers into circuit board prototypes.

PCB Prototyping USA

Rigid-Flex PCB Prototyping

We are an experienced PCB prototyping company working on rigid-flex PCB prototyping services for industries with mission-critical applications. We make sure there aren’t any field failures or low-quality products after thorough testing. We deliver high-quality rigid-flex PCBs that meet your specifications and industry reliability standards. From the initial prototype design to customer review, we address all your concerns and reduce the overall lead time for your project, and even make the testing process easier.

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PCB Prototyping Capabilities

Mer-Mar Electronics is one of the pioneering companies in providing PCB prototyping services. We have been constantly focusing on improving the technical capabilities and expertise in low to high-volume PCB prototyping capability services. One of the core principles of Mer-Mar Electronics is to ensure the highest customer satisfaction through top-notch quality standards in the lowest turnaround time.

Our wide-range PCB prototyping capabilities include –

Turnkey PCB Prototyping

We offer quick turnkey PCB prototype assembly services through a fine pitch of components of varied sizes that are X-ray inspected. These turnkey PCB prototyping services include raw materials and parts from trusted vendors, fabrication, design, and assembly. If you need, a kitted and combo option is also available.

PCB Layers

We also offer single-layer, double-layer, multilayer PCB boards as per the customer specifications and availability. This serves as a proof of concept from which the final product is analyzed and developed further.

Assembly Types

We can provide both Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through-Hole Technique (THT) PCB Assembly services.

PCB Prototype Option

We provide functional PCB prototypes, visual models, and working PCB prototypes to meet and go beyond the customer expectations and PCB prototyping requirements.

Raw Materials

We use standard base materials FR4 TD350 (TG180) for PCB prototyping. We are also providing RoHS-compliant and lead-free HAL or Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) finish as per the customer requirements.

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PCB Prototyping Technologies

We offer a number of ways to prototype your PCBs like

  1. CNC routing, using perf board or DIY etching
  2. Barebones PCB for accelerating PCB prototyping process

CNC Machining

Using CNC machining, we mill intricate traces and holes out of your blank boards for creating perfect prototype PCBs. We use this technology for creating a two-layer prototype PCB and when you want a quick prototype. Using CNC machining, we can create a prototype PCB within a few hours depending on the size of your PCB. We prefer this for high-end PCB mills that use extremely small end mills as they can replicate normal PCB manufacturing.

Barebones PCB

We use this chemical etching process to increase PCB prototype iteration speed. We capitalize on the fact that this process eliminates several usual steps like no solder mask or silkscreen and also doesn’t even support internal cutouts in PCBs. It also lets you iterate your design quickly. Being an experienced PCB prototyping company, we can handle this process perfectly even if soldering on the board gets more difficult without a solder mask as we are adept at utilizing more closely spaced traces.

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Multi-industrial Applications of Quick PCB Prototyping Services

Mer-Mar Electronics has been leading all the way for over 40 years and revolutionizing a bunch of industries with new-age PCB prototypes. We have been serving and pushing forward innovation working alongside many global enterprises as well as fast-paced startups. We are committed to meeting the demands of varied customers in terms of cost, quality, and delivery time efficiencies. We service the following list of industries and many more –

  1. Aerospace
  2. Military & Defense
  3. Automotive
  4. Medical Systems
  5. Semiconductor
  6. Industrial Technology
  7. Robotics and Automation
  8. Telecommunications
  9. Consumer electronics
  10. Renewable energy etc.

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PCB Prototyping Testing Capabilities

Mer-Mar Electronics has an in-house quality assurance team to ensure that we adhere to the highest quality standards for small to large PCB prototypes. We build and test your PCBs in small sections by developing functional designs independently and combine them in the end to shorten the testing cycle period. We perform extensive testing on all your prototype PCBs to maximize quality assurance for your products.

PCB Testing Procedures:

  1. Functional Testing
  2. Quality Testing
  3. Triple Process Inspection
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PCB Prototyping FAQs

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If you have any queries regarding to our PCB prototypes, new products prototyping, PCB prototyping services or need an urgent assistance, then please don’t hesitate to contact our team of skilled personnel’s. Send us an email with your queries at sales@mermarinc.com or call us at (760) 244-6149. We are looking forward to hearing from you.