Multilayer PCB Fabrication

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Multilayer PCB Fabrication

When it comes to quality multilayer PCB fabrication, Mer-Mar Electronics has emerged as a one-stop-shop. There are number of USPs that we have. The first, we are equipped with start-of-art manufacturing facility that can cater to the most complex multilayer PCB fabrication service. Besides our team of experts is equipped with the necessary expertise and industry best practices; ensure that you do not have to contend with costly errors for any kind of multilayer PCB fabrication services. Our portfolio of satisfied clients stands as the biggest testimony to our superior knowledge and craftmanship.

One printed circuit board that is seeing rising demand is multilayered boards. Not without reason; the drive for miniaturization in electronics makes multilayer PCB fabrication the most suitable. With limited space, single or double-sided PCBs aren’t a possibility. Additionally, in a multilayer PCB, the presence of different layers offers a conductive route for the connection of components and passage of signals. This is why all complicated designs need the support of multilayer PCBs. Some of the other advantages of multilayer PCB fabrication include:

  • They are light weight as the conductors required for separate PCBs are reduced.
  • They are reliable as also more durable.
  • They support high component density.
  • They support implementation of complex circuits.
  • They are known for their performance as they provide high capacity and speed in a smaller footprint.
  • Multilayer PCBs can be manufactured in both rigid and flexible construction.

The One Stop Shop for
Multilayer PCB Fabrication

Superior Facility – When it comes to multilayer PCB fabrication you need both, the right technology and the expertise of experienced personnel to do justice to complicated designs. At Mer-Mar Electronics, we have all these competencies. Irrespective of the complexity of your design, the number of layers and more, you can count on us to offer you superior boards.

Adherence to strict industry standards – With our strict adherence to IPC guidelines and industry best practices what you get are high reliable boards. In addition, the fact that we have robust testing protocols means you can have complete peace of mind.

Quick Turn Multilayer PCB Fabrication – With early go-to-market a distinct source of competitive advantage, we ensure that our deliveries are quick and timely.

Prototype quantity to full production runs – Irrespective of your volume requirements, we have you covered. You can count on us to cater to any quantity enabling you to scale up your operations with ease.

Multilayer PCB Fabrication Services

Multilayer PCB Fabrication

Design for Manufacturability

With PCB design playing a vital role in its performance, you can count on us for efficient designs that ensure easy manufacturability as also reliability. Incorporating aspects such as signal and power integrity, our expert designers ensure that even the most complex designs are seamless.

Multilayer PCBs

Multilayer PCB Fabrication

We are known to handle the most complex boards with dexterity. Our multilayered boards can be designed using blind and buried vias as well as plated through holes. The fact that we design boards without any restriction on the number of pieces makes sure that all your requirements are taken care of.

Multilayer PCB Fab

Multilayer PCB Surface Finishes

We offer a wide range of circuit board finishes. Our experts study the environment of the application and make the necessary recommendations that improve product performance. Whether you need lead free finish or otherwise, feel free to let us know. Some of the commonly offered finishes include:

  • ENIG
  • Electrolytic Nickel/Gold
  • Immersion silver
  • White tin or Immersion Tin
  • Lead free HASL
  • OSP
Multilayer PCB

Multilayer PCB Lamination

Count on us for your multilayer PCB lamination requirements. Our stringent lamination protocols include subjecting the internal layers of the PCB to extreme temperature and pressure (275 to 400 psi) while laminating with a photosensitive dry resist. With the PCB allowed to cure at a high temperature and the pressure being slowly released, what you have is high quality lamination.

Multilayer Circuit Boards

Additive Manufacturing for Multilayer PCB

With our additive manufacturing systems and processes, we can offer complex multilayer PCBs which have high component density and allows for miniaturization of appliances at competitive costs. Low-volume, high-complexity production and rapid prototyping of complex electronics is now made easy!

Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards

Multilayer PCB Repair & Rework

If you face an issue with ripped material or damaged pads or conductors, you can count on our experts to offer the necessary repairs and rework of multilayer PCB with a high degree of precision.

Multilayer PCB Fabrication Process

The broad steps of multilayer PCB fabrication are as under:


This process involves cutting the copper-clad board into smaller boards that can be made on the production line.

Graphic transfer

This step involves transferring the inner circuit pattern to the PCB board. This involves multiple processes such as inner layer sticking, exposure and development and etching.

Black Oxidation

This process helps to remove contaminants such as oil and impurities on the surface. It also helps to increase the specific area of the copper foil. The oxidized surface also isnt affected by moisture.


The process of lamination involves bonding layers of circuits by means of B-stage prepeg. The discrete multilayer board is then pressed together with the adhesive sheet into the multilayer printed circuit board.

Mechanical Drilling

The use of a mechanical drill at high speed ensures through holes on the multilayer PCB.

Decontamination and sinking copper

The purpose of this process is to metallize the through hole. A three part process, this helps in decontamination, copper sinking and thickening.

Dry film and pattern plating

This process is similar to the inner layer graphics transfer as it uses photosensitive dry film to print circuit patterns on the board.

Wet film solder mask

The idea of adding the solder mask is to prevent short circuits between lines, insulation and resistance to harsh environment.


In this process, the screen for the printing plate is produced followed by printing character ink on the plate and finally drying of the ink.


This involves separating the delivery graphics from the large panel. Many capacity parameters such as shape tolerance, inner corner size, safety distance between figure and edge of the board are considered.


Commonly used electrical testing includes needle bed test as well as flying probe test.

Immersion Tin

Electroless tin plating process uses chemical deposition to deposit tin on the PCB surface.

Final inspection

Largely this consist of the following methods: Optical Inspection – With AOI testing equipment, the machine scans the PCB and displays any defects.

Target Inspection Confirmation

This is a process of visual inspection that confirms or eliminates defects.

Visual inspection

This is menat to repair or scrap confirmed defects.


There is a wide variety of packaging available including mositure-proof packaging, anti vibration packaging and more. Typicaly vaccum packaging is commonly used.

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Multilayer PCB Fabrication Capabilities

Given below are the details of our comprehensive multilayer PCB fabrication capabilities:

Layer Count 0 – 40 Layers
Materials FR-4/Rogers/Polyimide/Aluminum Clad/High-Temp. FR4/other.
Plating Finish Electrolytic Hard Gold/Soft Gold/ENIG/Nickel/Immersion Silver OSP/Leaded & Lead-Free HAL
Cert. / Qualifications IPC6012 Class 2-3A / IPC6018 Class 3 MIL-PRF-31032 / MIL-PRF-55110 / ISO 9001:2008 / AS9100C
Board Thickness Full Range Available
Copper Weight 0.5 – 4 oz. Inner / 1 – 20 oz. Outer
Trace/Space Down to 2.75 / 3 Mils

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Application of Multilayer PCB Fabrication

Multilayer PCB Boards find ubiquitous application in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Aerospace
  • Military Equipment
  • Telecommunication
  • Automotive
  • Industrial applications
  • Transportation

Multilayer PCB Fabrication FAQs

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