Medical PCB Assembly

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Medical PCB Assembly

Mer-Mar Electronics is a California-based medical PCB manufacturer who has extensive years of experience spanning 4 decades in offering world-class medical PCB assembly and manufacturing services. We have the capacity to assemble everything from head to toe of the medical diagnosis and treatment devices, healthcare monitoring devices, advanced therapeutic treatment devices, and other critical medical electronics.

We stay on top of the ever-evolving trends in the medical and dental industry and understand the critical nature of these devices based on which human lives have relied. So, we make sure to incorporate high-precision and error-free boards to achieve the level of sophistication required for these life-saving devices. We provide end-to-end solutions to our clients from the medical industry and save them the time and cost overheads of moving across multiple vendors.

With a brilliant team of IPC-trained personnel, we ensure to strictly comply with the IPC class 3 standards. We also adhere to the RoHS and lead-free PCB assembly requirements of the medical industry.

Why Choose Us For Medical PCB Assembly Solutions

Latest Trends in Medical Field

We keep up with the latest innovations and medical PCB design trends to build relevant equipment. We also track the rapid advancements that include robotics, machine learning & AI-based software, wearables, higher resolution computer vision, and more. Rest assured that you would have world-class and innovative medical systems at your helm.

Stringent Sanitary Conditions

As a medical PCB assembly contract manufacturer, we make sure that your devices not only deliver high-performance and reliable services but also meet stringent sanitary and quality control benchmarks. We are fully capable of meeting the strict requirements of the health and medical industry and are committed to excellence when it comes to PCB assembly for medical industry.

Integrity and Efficiency

We assemble all types of PCBs and offer solutions to support the reliability and integrity of medical products. Technological excellence is coupled with on-time delivery and is exceptionally cost-effective. By investing in high-quality equipment, we make sure to minimize the challenges, manage your circuit boards efficiently, and reduce operational costs.

Enviable Expertise

With decades of experience, our team of engineers shows remarkable expertise in designing boards for medical equipment. Right from creating a prototype to full production runs, we do not compromise on delivering quality boards at competitive prices. With effective risk management, we identify the issues early on and overcome them.

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Medical PCB Assembly

Our Medical PCB Assembly Services Includes

Medical PCB Assembly

Medical Device PCB Design

Mer-Mar Electronics has been one of the leading Medical PCB Assembly companies tirelessly working for the medical devices PCB design. We are adept at designing flex, rigid, and rigid-flex medical printed circuit boards and can build compact PCBs that fit into any compartment of the equipment. We pay great attention to the nitty-gritty of the PCB design to make them damage-resistant and reduce high heat dissipation. We also stay current on the rapid developments in PCB designs of the medical systems and brace up to upgrade the equipment as per the trends and challenges.

Medical PCB

Lead-Free Medical PCB Assembly

Compliance is our top priority. No matter what medical application you need PCBs for, we make sure to find lead-free PCBs that comply with RoHS regulations. We provide RoHS-compliant surface finishes and materials for all the products to protect the environment, safeguard the workers’ safety and patient’s health. We also maintain stringent control over all incoming vendor components. We are in constant pursuit of finding and replacing safer alternatives for your PCB. By complying with the RoHS guidelines, we make sure that your company’s bottom line is not affected in any manner.

Medical Device PCB

Rigid-Flex Circuit Board Assembly

In the medical industry, a necessity arises to build ultra-slim circuit boards especially for small devices like pacemakers. We fabricate circuit boards with higher pad and wire density with closer spaces, and finer lines to build the smallest & lightest solutions for your circuit designs. Even if you need rigid-flex materials, we provide optimal solutions to build shock-resistant environments and high-precision medical applications. Through advanced rigid-flex circuit designs, we design circuitry for building versatile and strong boards.

Medical PCB Manufacturer

Extensive Material, Substrate, and Coating

We pick the right PCB substrate materials for building a high-quality medical PCB assembly. With so many kinds of substrates, coating, and materials available, we pick the low-cost and highly reliable material for laying a strong foundation for your medical PCB assembly. We selectively coat with parylene for improving the surgical procedures’ lubricity and ensure electrical insulation. The structural integrity of your medical devices will be maintained with a perfect platform or canvas for holding all of the components. The performance and durability of your circuit boards and other components are guaranteed.

Medical PCB Prototype

Solder Paste Stenciling

We speed up the assembling of your components through solder paste stenciling. When we apply solder paste on your board, we use high-tech machineries like reflow ovens or pick-and-place machines for letting that glue together. We aim for high-precision and repeatable solder paste deposition in the medical PCB assembly. You can have the flexibility to apply solder paste only where you need it. We help you pick the stencil type based on your requirements. We use both manual stencil printers or automated printers for getting your stencil ready. We also polish the stencils and can print multiple boards without losing accuracy.

Medical Printed Circuit Boards

Reflow Soldering

We aim to form acceptable solder joints through reflow soldering method of attaching the surface mount components on to PCBs. We take all precautions to not damage the PCB or components through overheating. We make sure to pick the suitable machine and acceptable reflow profiles. We then focus on PCB footprint design and carefully use well-designed stencil. By picking the good quality PCB, components, and solder paste, we place your surface mount components in the most reliable and effective manner for both prototype and mass production.

Medical PCB Design

Fine Pitch, BGA & Micro BGA placement

We offer fine pitch, BGA, and micro BGA placements. We have delivered many high-density PCB assembly boards with a significantly high amount of components using fine pitch placement. We tend to push the limits of your PCB fabrication tolerances through fine-pitch components. We also route the BGA and micro-BGA pins with a number of layers and without high-end fabrication techniques and we ensure BGA and micro BGA placement without damaging nearby components. In many wearable devices, we use micro BGA packages.

Medical PCBs

Medical PCB Prototype for High-Temperature Measurement

We provide a comprehensive range of PCB assembly prototypes that can withstand and remain resilient even in extremely high temperatures. We offer PCB prototypes for three categories – standard temperature, high temperature, and extreme temperature. Both the standard and custom-designed PCB prototypes can be provided for high-temperature circuits. We help you avoid erratic system performance and outright failures in cases of elevated temperatures. You can be assured of maintaining the structural integrity of your devices even when they have to deal with extreme temperatures.

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Medical PCB Assembly Techniques

Mer-Mar Electronics follows a cost-effective and efficient process for placing and assembling electronic components on the surfaces of medical printed circuit boards accurately and precisely. We have experience with all the three assembly technologies –

  1. Surface-Mount Technology (SMT)
  2. Through-Hole Technique (THT)
  3. Mixed (Both SMT and THT)

However, we recommend Surface Mount Technology to assemble PCBs for medical systems. You can utilize the latest automated equipment for building high-level quality and compact-sized PCBs. We follow the surface mount technology assembly process for building lighter and compact boards and for meeting the unique requirements of the medical systems during the circuit board assembly. Our engineers at Mer-Mar Electronics are capable of creating higher density and increasingly complex circuit boards even in smaller assemblies at envious precision.

Through SMT techniques, we build extremely fast and cost-effective medical PCB assemblies. Through SMT technology, we also reduce the overall assembling time by eliminating the need for drilling holes in the PCB. In addition to SMT PCB assembly, we are also capable of providing conventional through-hole technique. Through-hole mounting is used when we have to manufacture robust medical devices and also during the prototyping stages of the build.

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Medical PCB Assembly Capabilities

The following Medical PCB assembly capabilities have made us one of the leading PCB assembly service providers in the USA.

X-ray Machine

We have photon dynamics superior X-ray (SX) series that provides high-resolution and high-magnification X-ray inspection capability in a flexible and compact workstation configuration. It has got a wide selection of X-ray sources, image intensifiers, sample manipulators, and software. Equipped with photon dynamics’ RTI-580 image processing systems, we process real-time X-ray images and provide accurate results for both production and research applications.

IoT Usage

As the advancements take place in PCBs, we also rely on IoT! Data interconnectivity is the need of the hour for improving medical systems. We build smart devices when connected with IoT to provide real-time data about the patients to the medical professionals. This helps them to operate with much greater precision based upon high-precision sensors.

Types of Medical PCB Assemblies Rigid, Flex, and Rigid-flex
PCB Materials Standard FR4 Tg 140°C, Tg 170°C, and Tg180°C, Copper Core, and Aluminum core
RoHS-compliant Yes
Surface Finish Options Hot Air Solder Leveling, Lead-Free HASL, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold, and many more
Advanced PCB Options Fine Pitch, BGA & Micro BGA placement ESD, moisture, sensitivity, FIFO procedures

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Medical PCB Assembly Testing Capabilities

Mer-Mar Electronics follows nothing but the best practices during the PCB assembly process. We are uniquely equipped to handle any challenges that deteriorate the quality of the systems and also help you bring only reliable medical devices to the market. As it is a known thing that all medical PCBs should comply with strict sanitary and quality standards, we make sure the PCBs or other electronics that need to go into your device systems meet these highest quality benchmarks.

We also perform the assembly and prototype services in small batches as it gives us ample time to perform quality assurance checks at critical moments throughout the medical PCB design and manufacturing process. We perform a final inspection using an X-ray inspection or Automated Optical inspection. Our X-ray inspection station is top-notch and features digital control, an X-Y table, and an image intensifier. Our engineers use this to ensure high-level quality controls for medical applications.

Testing Capabilities

  1. X-Ray Inspection
  2. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  3. Temperature Testing
  4. Camera Inspection
  5. Product-specific Functional Testing
  6. Fly-probe Testing (To validate component Placement)
  7. In-circuit Testing (To detect parametric or design failures)
  8. Functional Testing (To control behavior and functions of PCB)

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Medical PCB Assembly Quote – How to Get It

Follow below given process to get medical PCB assembly quote –

  1. Go to PCB assembly quote page.
  2. Collect important PCB design files to add in assembly quote page.
  3. Enter details in quote page and upload your design files.
  4. Answer security question and hit submit button.
  5. If you have any query, contact us on

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Multifarious Usage of Medical PCB Assembly

Mer-Mar Electronics has been one of the go-to companies for building world-class medical equipment. Our team of smart engineers and dedicated technicians has been striving hard to build high-precision health equipment and monitoring devices. We have been making strides in building medical systems that safeguard the lives of millions of people and also ensure the safety of medical personnel, front-line health workers, and patients.

Medical PCB assembly services and solutions are used in

  1. Diagnostic Equipment
  2. Healthcare Monitoring Equipment
  3. Therapeutic & Treatment Equipment
  4. Health Supporting Devices
  5. EMG Activity Systems
  6. CT Scanning Systems
  7. Heart and BP Monitoring devices
  8. Advanced Therapeutic devices
  9. Digital X-ray and Tomography Equipment
  10. Infusion Pumps

Medical PCB Assembly FAQs