If you are looking for PCB Assembly service provider, you’ve come to the right place. At Mer-Mar Electronics, we serve printed circuit board assembly in many markets including aerospace, Defense, medical, electronics industries and more where quality and turnaround is paramount. We are providing PCB Assembly Service from the last 40 years with a minimal turnaround time and a standard quality level to help you achieve a higher production rate.

How to Get PCB Assembly Quote?

We cater high quality PCB assembly services whether you require full turnkey, kitted or consigned. We have created a PCB Assembly Quote form to make it easier for you to provide us the details about your PCB assembly quote requirements. PCB Assembly Quote is categorized in three sections: Personal Details, PCB Assembly Quote details and additional information.

Personal Details:

  • There are few information about you, your email address, company name, phone number, address, and more you would require to submit.

PCB Assembly Quote:

  • Select and Enter assembly process requirement whether you require prototype PCB assembly quote or production PCB assembly quote.
  • Enter the total number of boards you want to build. The total number of the unique manufacturer part numbers in your BOM. It is the same numbers with BOM lines when each BOM line represents a unique part number.
  • Select and submit the information about whether you require single-sided PCB assembly or double-sided PCB assembly. Also, Select the option from lead-free PCB assembly quote processing or leaded PCB assembly based on your requirements.
  • Enter the total number of pads for all surface mount parts on each board. Submit the total number of thru-holes for parts on each board.
  • Enter total number of fine Pitch parts on each board. We treat parts as fine pitch if the distance between pin centers is 20mil (0.5mm) or less.
  • Also, submit the total number of BGA, QFN or any other parts without leads on each board.
  • If you have any drawing, dimension, BOM (Bill of Material) file(s) or specification for PCB assembly quote requirements, Please select file(s) and submit it.

Additional Information:

  • In case if you have any additional comments or feedback regarding your PCB assembly quote or order, please feel free to fill it; enter the captcha code and Submit the PCB assembly quote form.

Mer-Mar Electronics aims to provide flexibility and convenience to their customers. After receive the details about your PCB assembly quote; We will get in touch with you in case if we require more information about your attached files or any quote details. In case if you have any questions or queries regarding our PCB assembly services, feel free to contact us via sales@mermarinc.com or (760) 244-6149.

PCB Assembly Quote FAQs