PCB Assembly Rework

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PCB Assembly Rework

Mer-Mar Electronics is a leading electronics manufacturing company with over 4 decades of solid experience in assembling printed circuit boards and PCB assembly rework and repair service through cutting-edge tools and technologies. We ensure effective resoldering or desoldering of certain surface-mounted components on the printed circuit boards. With the increase in lead-free requirements, the PCB repair process has become even more complex but we have trained personnel to work on lead-free assembly, rework, and inspection.

We follow an uncompromised approach when it comes to quality and strictly adhere to the stipulated deadlines. Whether it is the removal of damaged components, cleaning of the circuit site, or replacement of the components with the new soldered ones, we follow the right protocols to make sure the board is not ripped off.

We are also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with skilled personnel who are IPC trained and strictly incorporate triple process inspection for adhering to the highest quality standards for PCB assembly rework requirements. All your PCB assembly rework services are backed by our specialized support, reliable testing, and authorized workmanship.

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Lead-free PCBs – Lead-free PCBs demand better precision and you get it with is. We provide high temperature and high precision services for your lead-free assemblies. We are aware of the challenges involved in building lead-free assemblies and how to overcome them without any issues.

Uncompromised Quality – We do not compromise on quality and we display excellent skills and craftsmanship while mounting components and working with fine-line circuits. We use high-quality tools for heating, drilling, soldering, removing components, and so on.

Safe Removal – Special tools are used for the removal of damaged components. Based on the components, we choose the right and safe tools for the quick removal of any component. Extra care is taken for the removal of glued components by proper heating until the glue comes off completely.

Proper cleaning and Replacement – We ensure you do not face any issues like contamination and poor adhesion while cleaning. We also make sure there won’t be any current leakage issues and corrosion during the removal of residues. Our skilled technicians use upgraded equipment for replacing circuit components.

PCB Assembly Rework

High-quality Accredited PCB Assembly
Rework and Repair Services

PCB Assembly-Rework

Component Replacement

Our team has a thorough knowledge of circuit boards and can help you with component replacement. We have the right strategies and solutions for helping you to choose replacement components for your PCB. Your boards may need some mid-way design changes and may also need to adapt to the new requirements. We would be there for you to traverse through this and help you choose replacement components compatible with the device’s functionality. We find the exact replacement component that matches every possible specification your device needs.

PCB Assembly Repair

BGA Repair and Reballing

If you need your BGA repair and reballing services, we help you restore your BGA PCBs to high-quality levels and original performance with solution-driven solutions. We have the capabilities to take BGA rework and reballing assignments of all types – Plastic BGA (PBGA), Chip BGA (CBGA), and Ceramic Column Grid Array (CCGA). Our high-precision services help you perform accurately and with no margin for error. We are your perfect partners in handling any irregularities with BGA rework and for maintaining the efficacy of your circuit boards.

PCB Rework

SMT Assembly Repair

With top-notch SMT repairing equipment and rework machines, we have been offering top-of-the-line repair services. We have all the requisite tools and equipment for SMT assembly repair. We provide everything that is involved in SMT assembly repair from desoldering, component shaping, Pad cleaning, mounting & placing components, soldering, as well as cleaning. We also offer automated in-line systems designed for high-volume SMT assembly repairs and you can be assured of a flawless SMT assembly with performance intact.

PBC Repair

PTH Assembly Repair

Besides designing and manufacturing a plated through hole (PTH) PCB, we also provide a PTH assembly repair process. With unique knowledge, capabilities, and advanced equipment, we perform the repair and test of the complex PTH circuit board assemblies. We reliably repair or replace the damaged components on the assembled PCBs. With appropriate tools and materials, we have created a versatile kit that meets the needs of your PTH assembly repairs. We also prioritize what needs to be taken first by re-evaluating the performance levels.

PCB Rework Service

Internal Ground Planes

Mer-Mar Electronics has powerful internal ground connection capabilities and lays a firm foundation that your PCB board needs. We have tools and expertise for handling design challenges and improving performance. We simplify your ground plane layout task and with careful attention to the ground plane, we ensure to avoid electrical noise and interference. Through proper planning of the layer stack-up configuration, we help control the electrical performance of the board and avoid crosstalk between the signals on the layers.

PCB Repair Service


We carefully inspect the options before you and pick the right PCB options for you. With reevaluation, we aid you in picking the perfect components. You will have complex semiconductors like microprocessor units, processors, sensors, etc. In addition to these, we also evaluate your common input and output connectors, graphic displays, memory, and also the onboard power supply. In this process, we ensure you have adequate space needed on the board and also test points for evaluation and analysis.

PCB Assembly Rework Service

Pad & track repair / solder mask

Whenever any components are removed or the device breaks, your solder pads may be damaged. We clean & remove the damaged pad immediately and remove the solder mask. We take special precautions to not cause any damage in the process of removing and cleaning the boards. We replace these missing or damaged ones on the circuit board. Our team quickly jumps in to do the necessary repairs.

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PCB Assembly Rework Techniques

PCB Assembly Rework techniques involve –

  1. Cleaning
  2. Conformal coat removal
  3. Repair Work

Mer-Mar Electronics use the following procedures –

  1. Cleaning – We look into any surface contaminants that might have severely affected the PCB’s electrical characteristics as well as components. For cleaning the surface components, we use the following –
    • Cleaning agents
    • Automated cleaning process
  2. Conformal Coat Removal – For conformal coat removal, we use the following procedures –
    • Solvent Method
    • Peeling Method
    • Thermal Method
    • Scraping Method

We first bake the PCBs before rework for removing any residual moisture from the components and preheat for the removal of any adhesive materials. We go for the bow and twist repair method wherein our primary focus remains reducing the warping of circuit boards. We also go for the hole repair methods for repairing and reworking if any circuitry and the plated hole get damaged. Both plated and non-plated holes on the circuit boards will be repaired.

Through the ‘epoxy method’, we repair any minor damages to the mounting holes. We go for the transplant method for modifying any size or shape or location of the mounting holes.

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PCB Assembly Rework Testing Capabilities

Mer-Mar Electronics follow stringent safety and quality regulations for the PCB assembly rework process. We make sure no component gets damaged during the repair and replacement work. We also thoroughly test and verify all aspects like functionality as expected and quality standards are met. We make sure to remove any contaminations and overcome any defects if identified. We also have trained and skilled personnel for testing for high-quality rework.

We focus on all the potential defects and their causes while testing your rework. Some of the issues we keep an eye on are coplanarity, twisting, pad cleaning, torn pads, uneven heat distribution, thermal overload, unacceptable residues, and internal damage to the circuit boards. Based on the defect type, we perform the fixes.

Some of the testing methodologies we adopt for delivering high-quality products to our customers are –

1. Visual Inspection of Solder Paste – We employ this testing method for capturing the problems early on in the process which helps in reducing the wastage and further rework. Through the manual inspection of the solder paste, we ensure to prevent any solder bridges, fragile joints, and open circuits that could lead to failure.

2. Pre and Post Reflow Inspection – Through these methods, we avoid repetitive mistakes like unnecessary damage to the boards. We try to mitigate any errors by thermal profiling of your boards. We also use an X-ray machine for detecting any errors and finding alignment issues. We also look for any component overlapping during the design process and try to fix them.

Some of the testing methods we perform are

  • Automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • X-ray Inspection
  • In-circuit Testing
  • Functional Testing
PCB Assembly Repair Service

PCB Assembly Rework

Industrial Applications

With over 4 decades of experience in handling PCB assembling for diverse industries ranging from healthcare to the military, Mer-Mar Electronics can assure high-quality PCB assembly services. Our skilled and certified technicians have vast experience in providing PCB assembly rework services for the following industries –

  1. Aerospace
  2. Communications
  3. Defense
  4. Consumer Electronics
  5. Medical & healthcare
  6. Renewable energy
  7. Industrial appliances

PCB Assembly Rework FAQs

Want to Get Your PCB Assembling from Mer-Mar Electronics? Send us an inquiry to Get a Quick Quote based on your custom specifications.

Want to get your PCB Assembly reworked from Mer-Mar Electronics? Send us an inquiry to Get a Quick PCB Assembly Quote based on your custom specifications.

If you have any queries regarding our PCB Assembly rework or repair services or need urgent assistance, then please don’t hesitate to contact our team of skilled personnel. Send email with your queries at sales@mermarinc.com or call us at (760) 244-6149. We are looking forward to hearing from you.