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One Stop Solution for Customized PCB Assembly and PCB Prototyping Services in USA

One Stop Solution for Customized PCB Assembly and PCB Prototyping Services in USA

Mermar Electronics is ISO 9001:2015, AS9100 Rev D Certified and ITAR Registered PCB Manufacturing, PCB Prototype and PCB Assembly Company in California, USA. Mermar Electronics is your one-stop solution for contract manufacturing services from PCB Prototyping, PCB Assembly, PCB Fabrication, Quick Turn PCB Assembly, Cable Harness Assembly, SMT PCB Assembly, Low Volume PCB Assembly, High Volume PCB Assembly, Full and Partial Turnkey Assembly, Electromechanical Assembly, Multilayer PCB Assembly, PCBA Rework and all the way to Box Build Assembly. We are specialized in providing customized low to a large volume of PCB prototyping services as quick as 24 hours to 1 week. All our PCB Assemblies follows the highest quality standards and RoHS compliant. All Our PCB Assemblies are Made in USA.

As a Leading PCB Manufacturer in the USA, we pride ourselves on our consistent product quality, faster turnaround time, excellent customer service and reliability. We understand the custom needs of our customers and offers an exclusive service to help them with their electronics projects. Our fast responsiveness to customer request has enable us to meet the tight deadlines.

You can count on us to meet and exceed customized needs, from the simple boards to a complex multilayer printed circuit boards and large scale production runs in quick turnaround time.

What can Mermar do for you?


Mer-Mar has years of expertise in providing qualified and tested PCB assemblies which are made from the extensive material and cutting-edge equipment for superior performance in aerospace industry. We are registered with the U.S. State Department as an ITAR Registered manufacturer. Having ISO 9001:2015 ensures that we meet the necessary quality standards for aerospace and military industry.


PCB assembly for InFlight Entertainment

Mer-Mar builds high quality PCBS for InFlight Entertainment which can operate efficiently in extreme and critical conditions.

InFlight Entertainment

PCB assembly for Flight Communication

Mer-Mar has years of expertise to maintain and interpret the complex requirement of Flight Communication.

Flight Communication

PCB assembly for aircraft ground equipment

Assemblies Mer-Mar builds are used in Aircraft Ground Equipments including Ground power units, Air Start Unit (ASU) and more.

aircraft ground equipment

Medical Electronics

Mer-Mar has years of experience in offering world-class Manufacturing and assembly services for medical, dental and therapeutic industry. We are capable to assemble everything from Head to Toe Medical diagnosis and Treatment devices, Healthcare monitoring devices, Advanced therapeutic treatment devices and other critical medical electronics.


PCB assembly for Medical Diagnostic Equipment

Assemblies that Mer-Mar builds can be used in several models of medical diagnostic and healthcare monitoring equipments.

Medical Diagnostic Equipment

PCB assembly for Dental Equipments

Mer-Mar electronics can build wide range of custom pcb assembly for small to complex dental equipments.

Dental Equipments

Printed circuit boards for Therapeutic treatment devices

Mer-Mar has over 40 years of experience in assembling advanced therapeutic treatment equipments and Laser therapy devices.

Therapeutic treatment devices

Industrial / Commercial

Mer-Mar has over 40 years of expertise in bringing OEMs ideas to life. We are providing electronic assembly services to OEMs in the industrial and commercial industry. We understand the critical needs and challenges that OEM’s face. We are capable to provide solution for varied industrial applications from sensing systems and monitors to heavy equipment and household appliances.


PCBA for power supplies equipment

Mer-Mar capable to provide small, medium and high volume pcb assembly services for power supplies equipment.

Switched-Mode Power Supply Unit

PCBA for heavy building equipment

Mer-Mar has over 40 years of expertise in providing high quality PCB assembly services for state-of-art machinery and heavy building equipment.

Heavy crane loading cargo on ship

PCB assembly for commercial printers

Assemblies that Mer-Mar builds can be used in various high speed commercial printers.

Printing Press Machine


Mer-Mar specializes in manufacturing and prototyping services for Telecommunication industry with leaded and RoHS specifications. We are capable to provide PCB manufacturing services from small consumer devices to outdoor infrastructure that must withstand critical environmental conditions.


PCB assembly for First Responder Equipment

Mer-Mar provides PCB Assembly services for first responder equipments to fulfill the varied need of telecommunication industry.

first responder equipment

PCB assembly for Communications Systems

Mer-Mar excels in serving high quality and small sized yet powerful PCB assembly solutions for Military and Aerospace communication system.

Communications Systems

PCB assembly for Network Management System

Mer-Mar electronics has over 40 years of expertise in fulfilling the critical need of PCB assembly for Small to Complex Network Management Systems.

Wireless Networking

Renewable Energy

Mer-Mar is proud to be your ideal partner to provide pcb manufacturing services which support various application in renewable and solar industry. We provide electronics manufacturing services for emerging technologies in mechatronics, green energy, renewable, solar, wind, geothermal energies as well as nanotechnology.


PCBA for Thermal Power Plant

Mer-Mar Electronics provides optimal solutions for energy generation and control units used in solar and thermal power plants.

Power Production Unit

PCB assembly for Power line protection

Assemblies that Mer-Mar build are used in various power line protection system for Green and Renewable energy industry.

Power line

PCB assembly for Control Systems

Mer-Mar provides significant solution for Control Systems used in various renewable, Solar, thermal and windmill equipments.

control unit

Why Mermar?

One Stop Solution for All Types of PCB Assembly Services

Prototype PCB Assembly

Box Build PCB Assembly

Turnkey PCB Assembly

Cable Harness PCB Assembly

Lead Free PCB Assembly

SMT PCB Assembly

Through Hole PCB Assembly

Mastering Mixed PCB Assembly

Multilayer PCB Assembly

Consignment PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly Rework

Quick Turn PCB Assembly

Low Volume PCB Assembly

High Volume PCB Assembly

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

  • “Mer-Mar does an outstanding job…Thank you for doing such a good job with our challenging printed circuit board assemblies.”

    VP Operations
    VP Operationsleading supplier of flow measurement and control technologies
  • “Doing business with Mer-Mar continues to be a pleasure and a benefit for our company!”

    Purchasing Agent
    Purchasing Agentmajor medical electronics company
  • “It’s hard to exceed expectations when I’ve come to expect perfection. Excellent workmanship and attention to detail: as well as courteous and professional personnel.”

    Sr, Engineering Specialist
    Sr, Engineering Specialistmajor medical electronics company
  • “Mer-Mar is like a partner not just a supplier”.

    Operations Manager
    Operations Managermajor industrial electronics company
  • “100% on time delivery for the past 6 months and PPM rejection YTD are zero. ”

    Senior Supply Quality Engineer
    Senior Supply Quality Engineercommercial aviation products supplier
  • “Many thanks for another year of superior performance”

     Operations Manager
    Operations ManagerInternational Aerospace Electronics Company
  • “Thanks for your help over the past year, especially with our discrepancies.”

     QA Manager
    QA ManagerLeading Airport Ground Equipment Supplier
  • “It is always a pleasure doing business with Mer-Mar.”

    Purchasing Agent
    Purchasing AgentMajor Medical Electronics Company
  • “Quotes are well defined. I always feel as if I am the most important person…outstanding, the way a CM should be. Prices are high, but you get what you pay for”

     Sourcing Engineer
    Sourcing EngineerAerospace Subcontractor
  • “Thank you for the continued excellence in overall performance.”

    General Manager
    General ManagerMajor International Aerospace Division
  • “Mer-Mar does a stellar job in the areas of Quality, OTD and communications at all levels.”

    Senior Buyer/Planner
    Senior Buyer/PlannerMajor Aerospace Company
  • “Overall performance for Mer-Mar is better than expected for a supplier” you guys know you are doing a GREAT JOB.”

     Buyer/Spares Manager
    Buyer/Spares ManagerMajor First Responder Electronics Manufacturer
  • “Keep up the good work. Thanks for the support. Keep the boards coming.”

    Quality Supervisor
    Quality SupervisorIndustrial Products Company
  • “It was a very pleasant experience working with Mer-Mar’s representatives. They were prompt and very professional. I look forward to working with them again.”

    BuyerMajor Aerospace Components Supplier.

Leading the way for over 40 years

Top 15 Reason Why Should Choose Mermar Electronics

ISO 9001:2015 CertificateISO 9001:2015 Certificateitar

  1. Well-Established, Reliable and Trusted Southern California Contract Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Company
  2. Servicing the Southwest with High Quality Manufacturing for Over 40 Years
  3. Proudly Manufactures in The High Desert Community of Hesperia, California USA
  4. Maintained Customers Relationship for Over 25 Years with over 99% satisfaction
  5. ISO-9001:2015 Certified. ISO Certified Since 1999
  6. ITAR Registered with The US State Department
  7. Maintaining and Improving Highest Quality Standards
  8. Equipped with State-Of-Art PCB Manufacturing Equipment
  9. No Minimum PCB Order Requirements
  10. Same Day to 1 Week Turnaround Time
  11. EAR (Export Administration Regulations) Compliant
  12. Best On-time Shipping Record
  13. Competitive Pricing
  14. Expert in Aerospace and Medical Grade Application
  15. Almost 24 Hours Tech Support
pcb box build

Expert in frame integration projects and offering tailor-made PCB box build and system assembly services with its fully integrated advanced technologies.


Full or partial turnkey assembly wherein all the inputs needed in the PCB manufacturing taken as per the specifications in the BOM and Gerber File.

electro mechanical assembly

Electro-mechanical services involve Flex circuit assembly, cable assembly or mechanical enclosures through to final ‘retail ready’ products.

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