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Through Hole PCB Assembly

Through-hole PCB assembly is a type of printed circuit board assembly method in which electronic components are inserted into holes drilled on the PCB surface and then soldered to the board.

In through hole assembly, electronic components are typically bulkier and have wire leads that can be easily inserted into the holes. The process involves placing the components into the holes, bending the leads on the other side of the board, and then soldering them to create a strong mechanical and electrical connection.

We have the necessary expertise in both. In fact, despite the rising popularity of SMT on account of miniaturization of products, through-hole PCB assembly technology has held its own on account of the reliability offered by it. Whereas SMT components are secured only by solder on the surface of the board, in case of through-hole components, the leads run through the board, allowing for stronger connections.

We pride ourselves on our four decades of experience in providing top-notch through-hole PCB assembly services and manufacturing. Our team is composed of professionals who utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality results. With our extensive experience working across various industries, we have a wealth of industry best practices that we can leverage to provide our customers with superior PCB solutions. Whether you need error-free PCBs or quick turnaround times, you can trust us to deliver high-quality through-hole PCB solutions. Select us for your next industrial project!

Through hole PCB assembly


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Why choose us for through hole PCB assembly services?

Experienced manufacturer in through-hole pcb assembly

40 Years of experience

We are market leaders with our huge body of experience and understanding of industry best practices. Strong investments in best-in-class equipment and qualified experts make us the go-to partner for your through hole assembly needs.

Thru Hole PCB Compliance

Compliance with highest industry standards

By adhering to ANSI/J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610-D standards, our PCBs meet industry benchmarks for quality. Moreover, our company is certified under ISO 9001:2015, attesting to our commitment to excellence. Dealing with us, you can be assured of receiving only the best, allowing you to enjoy complete peace of mind.

Quick Turn Thru Hole PCB Assembly

Quick turnaround time

Equipped with automatic insertion equipment for high-speed installation of through-hole components and wave soldering systems, we offer a quick turnaround time that significantly enhances your go-to-market plans.

Error Free Through Hole PCB

Error free through hole PCB

With our computer-controlled selective soldering machines, we ensure that we offer you error free PCBs, irrespective of whether you need tin-lead or RoHS through-hole assembly. Our stringent testing and inspection capabilities mean any errors are weaned out early and you do not have to deal with costly errors later.

High and low volume thru hole PCB assembly

No volume constraints

Whether you are looking for prototype quantities or large product runs, you have a partner in Mer-Mar Electronics. Count on us to stick to our delivery schedules, irrespective of the volumes you require.

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Through Hole PCB Assembly Services


Through Hole Component Placement

We offer both manual as well as auto insertion of through hole (TH) components. While with axial lead components, the leads are placed on both sides of the components, radial components have the leads on one side of the components.

Automated Through hole PCB manufacturing

Automated Through Hole PCB Assembly

We use automated through hole assembly method to effectively place radial and axial components. Not only does it lead to reduced errors and improved delivery times, with reduced material handling and labor costs, it is extremely cost effective too.

Manual through hole PCB assembly

Manual Through Hole PCB Assembly

This technique is used for low-volume runs as also for custom parts and sub-assemblies attached to the board. Manual assembly is also used in the cleanup of the automated assembly process. These are in instances where components aren’t easily inspected by the automated inspection equipment and a technician is required to verify placement and do any touch ups.

Through hole PCB soldering

Manual Solder

Manual hand soldering stations are used to assemble through hole parts into boards. This is typically used for low volume assemblies, as also prototypes. Manual Solder in through hole PCB assembly takes longer time than usual.

Selective solder and thru hole PCB

Selective Solder

It helps solder individual through-hole components on a PCB using a solder fountain. Compared to manual soldering, it is faster, repeatable and leads to reliable results.

Wave Soldering Through Hole Components

Wave Solder

Apart from being much faster than manual soldering, wave soldering also produces joints with a much higher degree of reliability, and this makes it ideal for large scale through hole PCB assembly.

Through hole PCB and environmental hazards

PCB Conformal Coating

In through hole PCB assembly, we offer a range of conformal coating options to protect the electronic components against various types of environmental hazards, debris, and aggressive chemicals. Some of these include Acrylic Resin, Parylene, Polyurethane, Epoxy, Silicone and more.

PCB Encapsulation

PCB Encapsulation

We offer substantial protection against physical shock and chemical exposure through our PCB Encapsulation services. This is ideal for environments that have prolonged stress and goes a long way in ensuring optimum performance of the electronics.

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Through hole PCB assembly process

The broad steps involved in the manual and automated through-hole assembly include:

  • Preparing the bare board.
  • Manual or automated insertion of components. High speed installation requiresspecialized equipment that can place components axially or radially, as per the design requirements.
  • Using reflow oven to fix soldering paste appropriately.
  • Manual or automated wave soldering to precisely solder through-hole components.
  • The use of advanced aqueous washing systems to remove any contaminants from the circuit boards.
  • Detailed inspection using different inspection tools and techniques, such as automated optical inspection, X-ray inspection and more.
  • Conformal coating as well as device programming, where needed.
  • Shipping and Delivery of final through hole PCB assembly.

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Through Hole PCB Assembly Testing Capabilities

In-Circuit Testing

Widely in use for high volume production lines, they help check the soldering and components.

Automated Optical Inspection

With this inspection, you can rest assured that there are no soldering or component defects.

Automated X-Ray Inspection (AXI)

Known to improve the quality of through-hole circuit, it inspects for short circuits, fills and more.

Burn-in Tests

These tests are crucial in that they test the reliability of the PCB in the real time environment.

Assisted Visual Inspection

Visual inspection by experts helps check accuracy of soldering as well as placement of components.

The above robust testing methodologies will ensure that you receive error free PCBs and that you do not need to deal with costly errors at a later stage when your product has hit the market.

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Through Hole PCB Assembly Capabilities

At Mer-Mar Electronics, we have the following through-hole assembly capabilities:

  • Manual and automated insertion of Components
  • Hand Soldering
  • Double Wave Flow Solder
  • Selective Solder
  • Legacy Assembly or RoHS Soldering
  • Inspection and functional testing
  • Conformal Coating
  • Device Programming
Supported Capabilities
Components Connectors and terminals BGA, μBGA, QFN, Leadless chips Fine pitch to 8 Mils
Board Types Copper Core PCB, Aluminium PCB, Rigid-flex boards, Rigid FR-4 PCB
Board Shape Slots and Cut outs Rectangular Complex and Irregular Round
Assembly Process Leaded process, Lead-Free (RoHS)
Board Dimensions Largest size: 15″ x 20″ Smallest size: 0.2″ x 0.2″
Design File Format Centroid (Pick-N-Place/XY file), BOM (Bill of Materials) (.xls, .csv, .xlsx) Gerber RS-274X

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Industrial Applications of Through Hole PCB Assembly Services

Through Hole PCB Assembly finds extensive application in industries where the application needs to bear extreme acceleration, high temperature, high voltage, collision and more. Besides this, through hole assembly is also suitable for testing and prototyping where manual adjustments are required. The industries include:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunication
  • Energy

Through Hole PCB Assembly FAQs

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