Multilayer PCB Assembly

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Multilayer PCB Assembly

Mer-Mar Electronics is a premier multilayer PCB assembly provider from the start all the way through to the finish line i.e., from fabrication to assembly. We have a team of experts who can get multilayer printed circuit board assemblies as fast as one could and assist you at every step of the process at the best value. We have a proven track record of bringing circuit ideas and concepts into reality. We provide you the right PCB production and assembly solution for meeting your specific needs. You can save your money, have shorter lead time, and high-quality products.

We are equipped to handle Multilayer printed circuit board assembly services with performance, quality, and reliability as our core principles. We cater to the growing demands of the modern electronics industry and meet the increasing demands for smaller boards which also add to the rapid demand of multilayer PCB in electrical devices, military equipment, healthcare apparatus, and many more. We are also proficient in building multilayer PCBs for aerospace applications.

Mer-Mar Electronics is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with IPC trained employees in triple processes inspection, adhering to the highest quality standards for multilayer PCB requirements. All the multilayer PCB assemblies are manufactured with specialized support, reliable testing and authorized workmanship. We have a strong network to possess a great variety of technologies, from single-sided flex boards, complex multilayer commercial applications to high reliability military PCBs.

Build Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards with
Our Professional Expertise

Maximum Reliability – Besides the reliability of multilayer PCBs, we also make sure to reduce the failures in the circuit. With our compact sized multilayer printed circuit boards, and their ability to perform even in adverse environments, we have poised your devices for now and the future enhancing the circuit’s reliability.

Improved Durability –With multiple insulation layers between the layers and circuits, added with our carefully curated and picked protective materials, we improve the durability of your PCBs. We also use the proper components and materials that provide exceptional thermal stability that can help survive even high temperatures.

Quality-driven –With lots of planning, we design your multilayer PCBs to reduce the errors, thereby ensuring high-quality PCBs. With a strong supply chain network, we pick high-quality materials for the process of production. Additionally, we employ various quality checks and inspection methods to ensure the quality of multilayer printed circuit board assembly.

High-density Applications –We streamline the designs and production process to create high board density where you have enough space for all the requisite components. You can have lightweight and multifunctional applications at your helm. By picking the right components based on your needs, we make sure to provide lightweight multilayer printed circuit boards for miniature devices.

Multilayer PCB Assembly

State-of-the-art Multilayer PCB Assembly Services

Multilayer PCB Assembly

Flexible Multilayer PCB Assembly

Let’s build multilayer flex PCB to remain competitive and stay relevant with the ever-increasing miniaturization needs. We have the ability to enable the circuitry to be designed to fit the board and it doesn’t need to conform to the circuit board. You can have flexible multilayer electronic assemblies that can be widely used in everyday technology and electronics. We provide unparalleled design flexibility. You can have Multilayer PCB Assembly with superior resistance to radiation and work well in extreme conditions.

Multilayer PCBs

Rigid Flex Multilayer PCB Assembly

We are highly skilled in design and manufacturing technologies for rigid flex multilayer PCBs that combine the best of both flexible and rigid board technologies. We handle the challenges that come with design of the rigid flex boards and go for 3D space designs that offer greater spatial efficiency. With best relationships built with rigid flex manufacturers, we can provide you with high-reliability and complex multilayer commercial applications. Whatever your rigid flex PCB assembly needs are, we facilitate you exactly what you need in the shortest time.

Multilayer PCB Design

Lightweight Multilayer PCB Construction

We have made rapid developments in bringing out lightweight multilayer printed circuit board assemblies to the market. We have been procuring the right components and gathering ability to stack up layers in applications without taking up too much space. We have been reducing the footprint size and building lightweight multilayer PCBs. Compact multilayer printed circuit boards are designed and assembled with the use of lightweight components and reducing the overall weight of a PCB. We reduce the need of multiple connectors for interlinking components on your circuit boards.

Multilayer Printed Circuit Board

High Technology Options

We build every multilayer PCB assembly using high technology options like blind via, buried via, controlled dielectric, controlled impedance, and more. We constantly update the new tools and methods to manage the designs. With provisions like 3D spacing, we are increasing the flexibility, we can handle more stress and bending than rigid PCBs. We have a professional team who are experienced in handling this delicate process. Using this, we build advanced multilayer printed circuit boards for providing a wide range of services and technologies to meet your needs.

Multilayer PCB Manufacturing

Single Connection Point

If you are building lower frequency applications, we would help build them with high reliability and accuracy using single connection points. We also make sure to not make any mistake in correctly routing the signals so that the operation of your whole board will not be risked due to the poorly designed ground strategy. We make sure to prevent electrical shocks and protect the safety of your equipment and electrical device.


Multilayer PCB Lamination

The multilayer PCBs are fabricated in various layers and then bonded with lamination. We use the process of building up successive layers of materials and bind them for strengthening and greater protection. We also make sure that the components are waterproof and do not inadvertently conduct current or signals through effective lamination. We also make sure to customize the laminates to meet your specific requirements. Stay assured that we maintain the structural integrity of your circuit boards.

Multilayer PCB Board

Multi-Functional Printed Circuit Board Assembly

We build multifunctional assembly by reducing the number of components and installing circuit devices for additional functions in the PCB. We couple a microphone cell unit along with a printed circuit board (PCB) and improve the sound quality. Multifunctional PCB assembly conveyor is mainly used for visual inspection, manual assembly, PCB buffering, and equipment linking functions. Especially if you have space limitations, we help you build multifunctional assemblies that serve all your purposes.

Multilayer Circuit Board Assembly Capabilities
Feature Supported Capabilities
Layer Count 0 – 40
Materials FR-4/Rogers/Polyimide/Aluminum Clad/High-Temp.
Plating Finish Electrolytic Hard Gold/Soft Gold/ENIG/Nickel/Immersion Silver OSP/Leaded & Lead-Free HAL
Accepted SMD chips 01005, BGA, QFP, QFN, TSOP
Component height 0.2-25mm
Min distance among BGA 0.3mm with X-ray inspection
Lead-Free Markings Yes
Assembly Size Min – 50*30mm
Max – 520*570mm
Pick-placement precision ±0.01mm
Board type Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, Copper PCB
Surface Finish HASL, lead free HASL, ENIG, OSP, selective gold, hard gold, bondable gold
Conductor Material Copper, aluminum, carbon, inconel
Insulator Material Polyimide, polyethylene terephthalate
Adhesive Materials Acrylic, epoxy, adhesiveless base
Equipment in our PCBA facilities – Functional, electrical and in-circuit testing equipment
– Optical microscopes
– Multifunction placement machines
– Full-vision solder printing machines
– Full-vision high-speed pick-and-place machines-Reflow machines
Assembly Option Surface mount (SMT) & Thru-Hole (THT), Box building, Potting and Coating, In house programming, Packaging
Testing ICT, AOI, X-RAY, Functional Test (FCT)

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Multilayer PCB Assembly Techniques

Mer-Mar electronics has a brilliant in-house team who have the capabilities to handle the complex designs of a multilayer PCB. We stack all the layers meant for routing by adopting the following mounting technologies for the multilayer PCB Assembly.

  1. Through-hole
  2. Surface Mount
  3. Mixed

Surface-Mount Technology – We are skilled at placing sensitive components that are compact in size accurately onto the surface of the board. They could be resistors, diodes, integrated circuits, or even miniature components. We maintain the manufacturing efficiency intact and follow automatic mounting PCB assembly process from solder paste printing and reflow soldering. We maintain the quality of soldering by focusing on the quality of products carried during the solder paste inspections.

Through-hole Technology – We use through-hole technology on your PCB assemblies that contain large components like capacitors, coils, etc. Depending on the type of your board under multilayer PCB, we include a variety of components. We accomplish the through-hole mounting by deploying both manual and automatic procedures. Our professional engineering staff know how to precisely place components on the corresponding positions based on your design files submitted to us. We also conform to regulations and operational standards of the through-hole mounting process for guaranteed quality. We also immediately inspect to determine whether the components are placed accurately or not and rectify them at the earliest. We are also experienced in wave soldering for the accurate soldering of components onto circuit boards.

Mixed Technology – As the electronic products have become increasingly complex, we can build integrated and smaller size PCB boards. We use both through-hole components and SMD components where we collaborate through-hole technology and surface mount technology. Any intricacies around the soldering is a complicated process but we better arrange the sequence of surface mount technology and through-hole technology.

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Multilayer PCB Assembly Testing Capabilities

After the completion of multilayer PCB assembly, the assembled boards will be tested for the functionality, bug fixes, quality checks, etc. Any misplaced components, errors & misalignments will be checked and corrected. Through a series of tests, we check the fate of a malfunctioning board as per the laid-out standards and correct it before we ship it. The tests also meant to check the quality of the multilayer PCBs in addition to identification of any potential problems. These regular checks ensure that the errors are found and fixed promptly that saves resources like time, labour, and materials.

Some of the testing methods Mer-Mar Electronics perform are –

Manual checks – We still rely on manual checks though we adopted automated testing. Especially, for smaller batches, we perform visual inspection to ensure the quality of the PCBs. When the number of inspected boards increases, we do not push ourselves to the edge of optical fatigue which may result in less accurate inspections. We then go for automated tests.

Automated Optical Inspection – We use this inspection type for larger batches of PCBAs. With high-powered cameras, we view the solder connections and recognize any lower-quality solder. High quantities of PCBs are tested at a very high speed in a relatively short time.

X-ray Inspection – We use X-ray inspection methods especially for the multilayer PCBs where the number of layers is more. Using this, we view through the layers and visualize different layers for identifying the potentially hidden problems.

Functional Testing – This would be the final inspection test where the tests put these multilayer PCBs through a series of tests, and monitor their characteristics. We check it by simulating different circumstances like high voltage, current, signal outputs, unacceptable fluctuations, peaks outside the predetermined range and see if the PCB works without fail.

Any deviation from the usual will be corrected, and failed ones would be recycled and scrapped as per the due procedure.

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Wider Industrial Applications of Multilayer PCB Assembly

The weight and space advantages of multilayer PCB assemblies are extremely valuable for aerospace PCBs; multilayer PCBs are beneficial in other applications as well.

Multilayer PCB assemblies are used extensively in other applications and industries including

  1. Aerospace
  2. Military
  3. Medical
  4. Automotive
  5. Communications
  6. Consumer electronics
  7. Industrial applications
  8. Transportation
  9. LED lighting
  10. Business electronics

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Standards & Certifications

ISO 9001:20015 Logo Itar Logo
  1. ISO certified
  2. ITAR registered
  3. IPC member
  4. RoHS compliant
  5. UL registered
  6. IPC-A-610E
  7. ISO 9001:2015
  8. AS9100
  9. MIL standards
  10. UL approved materials
  11. J-STD-001 ES

Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards FAQs

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