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PCB Assembly Capabilities

Mer-Mar has state-of-the-art assembly plant that allow us to manage your project through beginning to assembly process. We are capable to fulfill all types of PCB assembly need from basic thru hole PCB assembly to standard surface mount PCB assembly to ultra-fine pitch BGA assembly.

We have a dedicated team of personal who can take care of tailor-made requirements of client from prototype to large volume of production. We are capable and proficient in supplying lead free assemblies in support of the European Union’s RoHS directive.

Many customers have been using Mer-Mar for quality electronic assembly continuously for many years because we continue to deliver on time, at a high-quality level, and at competitive cost.

Most customers contract with Mer-Mar to supply “turn-key” product that includes all parts, materials, and value-added assembly.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCB Layout

PCB Layout

We have years of expertise in offering PCB layout with one or more insulating layers containing signal trace with an exact power and ground for the layout. We are capable to produce quick turn pcb layout with minimum fabrication cycle in the layout operation. Our primary focus is on providing Pre-eminent pcb layout for SMD PCB Layout, thermal analysis and die part creation for silicon or ceramic surfaces with proper tactics.

We are using power integrity, PCB routing, AMS simulation and electrical PCB layouts with over 25 to 25000+ pins with forte in using Allegro (a Cadence tool) and PADS (an Innerved tool) to tackle your complex layout and increase the smoothness in fabricating PCB Layout.

Customer can supply the schematics and our Design Engineers will complete the Printed Circuit Board layout. Our team of professionals can conduct thorough understanding of your existing design and recommend cost-saving suggestions, based on proto-type or full run requirements.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

SMT and Thru Hole components assembly

Mer-Mar specialize in offering surface mount technology assembly services from small volume of prototype to medium and high volume of production. In this technology leads are soldered on PCB surface directly rather than using hole mounting. We are capable to perform single and double-sided placement of all component types. SMT can eliminate the spacing problem which is commonly noticed in thru-hole mounting.

We can also provide Through-hole assembly and mixed technology assembly solution for a varied customer. It includes different components that are led to the board through holes. We are capable to accomplish a wave soldering using latest state-of-art equipments.

SMT and THT Assembly capabilities includes:

  • Full Through-hole Assembly Line
  • Low to High Volume Production Assembly
  • ESD Controlled Area
  • Single and Double-Sided Assembly
  • Mixed Technology (Through Hole & SMT)

PCB Assembly Capabilities

Smallest Components and Fine pitch assembly

Mer-Mar offers quality fine-pitch electronic assembly service and capable of providing varied needs of customer including,

  • Smallest components 01005, 0201, 0402.
  • Assemble 0.25mm Fine pitch parts (pitch up to 8 mils).
  • Leadless components, BGA, µBGA, LGA, package on package, etc.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

BGA and µBGA

Mer-Mar is a one stop solution for varied services includes BGA component removal, replacement and salvage; x-ray inspection; circuit pattern design changes at BGA sites; repair of lifted or missing BGA pads; and repair of solder mask at the BGA sites. We are capable of handling all types of BGAs from µBGA (2mmX3mm) to large size BGAs (45mm). We can provide solution for all your BGA rework and repair requirements. We can analyze the BGA sheet, BGA size, Ball material composition and also optimize the thermal profile of BGA to enhance the quality and reliability of the assembly process.

We are capable to repair damaged solder mask between BGA pads and prevent solder from flowing down the vias during BGA placement. When your design need changes or modification, we use flat copper ribbon which is thin enough to fit safely under the BGA component. We have our state-of-art BGA rework systems with a qualified team of personals to support you with all your projects and achieve the highest quality standards. In addition, we are utilizing Nicolet X-ray system to inspect every BGA rework.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

Box Build, Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical

Mer-Mar specialized in providing mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly to build the next higher level of a customer’s product. Often referred to as “Box Build.” This may include cabinetry and backplanes and cables, which are assembled in house. Mer-Mar also offer value added services such as Conformal Coating, Parylene coating and encapsulations.

We believe in offering fully tested electromechanical assembly and in-house cable assembly to fulfill varied customer needs. We have in-house quality control system for qualified testing of electro-mechanical assemblies. We are capable to provide high-end custom solution for rapid prototyping to high volume production.

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PCB Assembly Capabilities

Cable Harness Assembly

Cable Harness Assembly

Mer-Mar specializes in assembling simple one wire cable assemblies through to complex custom build cable and wiring harnesses using combinations of single core or multicore cables. In addition, we can offer complex system assembly, turnkey solutions and box build with our Cable and Harness assembly by using advanced techniques and CAD software.

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PCB Assembly Capabilities

Testing and Programming

Assemblies that Mer-Mar builds are go through a series of extensive tests and inspection process to ensure the highest quality standard. We have a qualified Test Department on site where many customers have placed functional test equipment. Assemblies that Mer-Mar builds and tests for them can therefore go directly to the production line without need for incoming acceptance test.

We offer full range of testing to validate the PCB quality standard.

1. Flying Probe Testing

In today’s era, flying probe testing is used for low-volume and prototype circuit boards due to its ease of use in programming. It is commonly used to validate line set-up without the cost and cycle time. It can provide quick turnaround and high fault coverage advantages.

2. ICT Testing

ICT testing is ideal for detecting parametric failures, design related faults and component failures. It is used on mature products. ICT testing takes very less time to perform than Flying probe testing.

3. Functional Testing

Functional testing is a last stage of manufacturing. It gives the final conclusion on finished product before they shipped. It is used to validate PCB behaviour, functionality and defect free features.