If you are looking for PCB Prototype service provider, you’ve come to the right place. We are providing PCB Prototype Service from the last 40 years with a minimal turnaround time and a standard quality level to help you achieve a higher production rate. Increase your business efficiency by working with one of the most reputed PCB Prototype Service Provider. Fill in the below form, and we will contact you soon to discuss further about your project or requirements as soon as possible!

How to Get PCB Prototype Quote?

We are leading all the way for over 40 years and revolutionizing a few industries with the new age of PCB prototypes. Whether you require low volume PCB prototypes or high volume PCB prototypes, we provide you. We have created a PCB prototype quote form to make it easier for you to provide us with the details about your PCB prototype quote requirements. PCB prototype quote form is classified into four sections: Personal Details, PCB Prototype Quote, Additional Information and Laser Stencil Options.

Personal Details:

  • In this section, Enter the information about you, your email address, company name, phone number, address, and more you would require to submit.

PCB Prototype Quote:

  • Enter the name of your PCB to identify your PCB, it will be displayed on the quote or your order.
  • Select the Board type from Single Board or Panel Board based on your requirement.
  • Input the Order Quantity. Select and submit the number of conductive layers require.
  • Enter the Panel Dimensions.
  • In case if you want us to deliver your PCB prototype quote in quick lead times from 4 to 9 days; Please select and submit it. Please note; This is the manufacture time only, which is started from the second working day of payment received and file problem solved. File update time is not included.
  • If you have any drawing, dimension, BOM (Bill of Material) file(s) or specification for PCB assembly quote requirements, Please select the file(s) and submit it.

Additional Information:

  • Enter the number of different layouts in the Panel.
  • Enter the information about the Thickness, the Copper weight of the Finished Board and the Panel array.
  • Select and enter the route process among V-Scoring/groove, Tab-routing/milling or both from which boards are connected in the panel.
  • Select and choose the part which should be solder mask from two sides, top side only, bottom side only or if you want to keep it as per design in the file. The coating material used to mask or to protect the selected area.
  • Enter the material details as well.
  • Select the Silkscreen legend color from White or Black. Select the solder mask color from Green, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow or White.
  • In case if you any Special Requirement Note or if you want to include any text that printed on the board for component identification, please enter it.
  • Mark the checkbox if you want to get a PCB prototype quote with a Laser stencil.

Laser Stencil Option:

  • Select the Laser Stencil type from Framework or Non-Framework.
  • Select the finished thickness, size and Stencil Side of your PCB prototype quote.
  • Select the option of Fiducials from Half lasered on the board side, half lasered on the squeegee side, No Fiducials or as per design in the file.
  • Select Yes if you require Solder Ball Process or Check plot.
  • Enter the captcha code and submit the PCB prototype quote form.

We at Mer-Mar Electronics provide freedom and convenience to our customers to choose their preferences. After receiving the details about your PCB prototype quote, We will get a quick review of it and get in touch with you in case if we require any clarification or more information about your attached files or any PCB prototype quote details. In case if you have any questions regarding our PCB prototyping services, feel free to contact us via sales@mermarinc.com or (760)/244-6149.

PCB Prototype Quote FAQs