How to Order PCB Assembly and Get a Quote?

By Mer-Mar Electronics Date posted: Last updated: February 14, 2023
how to order pcb assembly

With the digitization of the PCB manufacturing process, you can quickly generate a PCB quote online. Based on your requirements, a general cost estimate for PCB fabrication and assembly can be obtained instantaneously.

A PCB quote is thus a document with proposed pricing for the chosen manufacturing services. It can be for PCB design, fabrication, or assembly. The quote offers relevant details on the project’s time, cost requirements, and the manufacturer’s capabilities.

In PCB manufacturing, an accurate quote plays a vital role. The manufacturer can build a successful PCB assembly when the quote includes all the required information. It proves beneficial for both PCB manufacturers and their customers.

By comparing the quotes of different manufacturers, you can easily evaluate their expertise and cost advantages. As the quote is customized for your specific requirements, it reduces the negotiation time and assists in finalizing the order.

As we know PCB assembly is the circuit board mounted with all the electrical components and mechanical fittings. To generate a PCB assembly quote, you must provide the board details, build quantity, component types, and the assembly process required.

Once you obtain quotes from different vendors, you can choose the best service provider based on key factors like domain experience, lowest pricing, lead time, flexibility for changes, and certifications attained.

There are many common PCB problems that you should ensure your PCB manufacturer is avoiding. Ask them how they tackle such problems to choose whether they are good fit for you or not.

How to order PCB assembly?

All PCB manufacturers provide online process to generate a quote for PCB assembly services. It involves simple steps as explained below.

An online form will be available on the PCB manufacturer’s website. You may see several text boxes to enter details and drop-down menus to select an option. The common PCB assembly data required are:

  1. Quantity: This is the count of PCBs to be assembled.
  2. Component sourcing:
    • Kitted – if you are supplying all parts.
    • Turnkey – if the vendor sources the entire list.
    • Combo – Both are sourcing based on available inventory.
  3. Lead Time: Number of days to deliver the PCB assemblies like 5 days, 3 days, etc.
  4. Assembly Part Number: The part number generated for the PCB assembly.
  5. Board type: PCB is in single piece or Panel form?
  6. Assembly sides: Number of component sides to solder. Single or Double?
  7. Lead-free RoHS: Lead-free processing is required or not?
  8. Numbers of through-hole parts: Mention the count of through-hole parts in the bill of material.
  9. Number of surface-mount parts: Mention the count of surface-mount parts in the BoM.
  10. Number of BGA/QFN or leadless parts: Mention the count of BGA, QFN, and leadless parts in the BoM.
  11. Number of unique parts: Mention unique components’ count in the BoM.
  12. Additional PCB assembly information: This can include any assembly-related notes like the type of conformal coating, press-fit connector requirements, firmware loading for programmable devices on the board, X-ray test for BGAs, De-panelling the boards before shipment, etc.

Once you enter the above data and after reviewing your inputs, click on the submit button to send your details to the manufacturer for the PCB assembly quote.

Finalizing PCB assembly quote

You may compare different quotes and finalize on a PCB manufacturer to go ahead with the PCB assembly order. The contract manufacturer will require certain documents and PCB design files to estimate the assembly requirements.

A Bill of Materials (BoM) is the list of all components in excel format. It includes the manufacturer’s part number, quantity required, reference designators, part description, and other significant details for each component used in the circuit design. An approved vendor list is essential to procure alternate parts if required.

Bare board print and assembly drawings are required in a format compatible with your contract manufacturer’s assembly tools. Gerber files provide information on each layer of the PCB stack-up. In the automated assembly process, the centroid file (XY placement file) includes the position and orientation of all surface mount parts. A drill file specifies the location and size of the holes on the PCB.

PCB assembly files are important as they minimize errors by providing accurate information on components’ position, polarity, and mounting instructions. They avoid the ambiguity of silkscreen data and act as a valid reference for manual soldering of through-hole components. They establish effective communication between the contract manufacturers and their customers during the PCB assembly process.

After a review of the documents and finalizing the quote, you can go ahead with the order placement by making the payment. The latest software allows online payment and tracking of your order. You can check the test reports of PCBAs and suggest any recommendations to your contract manufacturer.

Factors affecting the cost of PCB assembly

Knowing the cost influences in a PCB assembly can assist you in optimizing your input to the quote calculator. Various aspects like the assembly type, components used, and design complexity can impact your PCB assembly cost.

  • Though Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is the widely used assembly technique, certain designs require through-hole mounting or a combination of both. Placing all surface mount parts on one side of the PCB can reduce the assembly cost. Since the SMT method is cost-effective and can be automated, choose surface mount parts over through-hole components whenever possible.
  • Opting for a shorter lead time increases PCB assembly costs. For prototypes, a quick assembly is required to prove the concept. But as the design goes for mass production, you can plan the assembly timelines to reduce the cost.
  • PCB features like the board thickness, number of layers, aspect ratio, and surface finish can affect the assembly cost. Following the Design for Assembly (DFA) guidelines can reduce mounting errors and their associated costs.
  • The Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) charges are applied for one-time services like programming pick and place machines, the inspection process, etc. Features like standard board dimension, optimum PCB thickness, and bulk volume orders can minimize NRE cost to a good extent.


A PCB quote is crucial in choosing the right service provider for your PCB assembly. The online quote has simplified the ordering process and offers the benefit of quality service in set timelines.

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