Critical Demand in The Medical Industry Earn Wings with The Soluble PCB Assembly

By Mer-Mar Electronics Date posted: Last updated: January 11, 2022

There are now more and more mobiles and laptop than the amount of population across the globe. After a complete and thorough use of these mobile devices, the researchers have been successful to mate them into an ultimate recyclable body to get greener devices in the world of electronic manufacturing. Also with the advent of Soluble PCB, the world of medicine took a swing of growth in innovation at an instant pace. The medical research took a first place to come up with electronic dissolving devices which disappear once served the healing purpose. Furthermore, the notion of tech savvy Soluble PCBA headed the medical demands of chic technology in brain monitor, electrical stimulators that accelerate bone development, drug delivery system with implanting them into the human body. The blog taps more weight to the new class of technology that outline the ‘Soluble PCBA’ for the critical demands of the medical industry.

From insulin pumps to the pacemakers, electronic implants are a strong and resourceful Medicare tool. But they possess a set of high risks in surgical complications and health criticalities. The soluble PCBA technology came into the picture with these critical needs of the medical industry. Gradually, it stretched its fortunes in consumer electronics, recycling technology, marine industry and other significant sectors with new flairs in the electronic manufacturing. As the significant year of 2017 is behind us that aimed at eventful innovation in healthcare and medical technologies, 2018 focuses on new emerging trends to deal with the severe and acute Medicare requirements.

The new class PCBA technology has given wings to the healthcare innovation, allowing operating on varied pain points with high performance patient monitoring in addition to supporting strong and improved health care outside of the clinic and the hospital arena. The Soluble PCB prototypes, created a podium of new discoveries in the medical electronics to save the time by avoiding extra surgical operations, thus, reducing the medical complexities that in turn gave the reliable and less painful treatment to the patient. The current trend of miniaturization and multi featured function with high frequencies evolving as a new wrinkle in the medical, healthcare and dental industry has shown a phenomenal growth of electronic innovation in the Printed Circuit Boards.

This has created a sensitive concern in the aftermath of new developments in PCB Assembly having significant failures like short circuit, contamination and other electromechanical failures due to its application in hazardous environment, extreme temperature, and humidity (moisture) or also the underwater application. The flux, metals, soldering method and electrochemistry can be the root of these types of failure. This gave rise to the water soluble PCB that has crossed bars in fulfilling the critical requirements of the medical industry.

Take a quick glance at the interiors of the Soluble PCB’s

One of the varied types of flux in PCB assembly, the water soluble flux dangles the solder paste process with becoming a medium that rules out the solder particles. It consists of the corrosive and active organic acids. Leaving behind and setting out a critical level of the corrosive flux residues on the printed circuit board is in the mainstream of Soluble Printed Circuit Board Assembly. Based on the geometry of the circuit board, material components along with the type and the volume of flux, the flux removal becomes a hotshot for the success of Soluble PCB manufacturing. This is because if any flux remains left over on the board can increase the chances of a fiasco due to ECM. After completion of the reflow soldering process with fluxes and water soluble paste in the PCB, the flux residues are cleaned thereafter. A strictly controlled strong flux cleaning process steals the show with achieving tough and durable Soluble Printed Circuit Boards.

Hey clinician, doctor and therapist, bring on the electronic complexities! Say’s Soluble PCB

The Soluble PCBA now servers the exact need of the complex framework and criticalities of the brain monitor. These minute brain implantable chips assist the doctor to monitor the people dealing with the brain surgery or a traumatic head injury. The Soluble Printed Circuit Board Assembly has also taken a step ahead in transforming the Neuro- Diagnostic devices with advancement in physiological and brain interpretation relating to the Neurodegeneration, chronic diseases and improved quality of sleep for the patients.

The surge of advancement in the medical predictive analytics used with mass of data related to patient and medical operation informs the particular treatment option individually with predicting the complications and particular protocols. The sensor based medical gadgets are coming into the market that help to manage and track the blood pressure, heart rate, sleep, blood sugar and much more. These medical wearable, biosensors and healthcare apps avail the users with tracking the health of patients in a precise manner. Furthermore, the Electronic Health Records (EHR’s) will make it possible to have a quick access to the medical records of the patients. Spare your curiosities! A lot more technological perks in the medical electronics is in the hit list of global research bulletin.

Put forward the tough electronic demands to Mer-Mar

With a strong customer base of the medical industry, Mer-Mar adopts high tech PCB Assembly techniques that match the exact needs of simple to complex electronic manufacturing for the critical requirements of health care equipment. From our varied range in the type of PCB’s, the Soluble Printed Circuit Boards beats the demand of the medical electronic manufacturing with delivering high clinical efficiency, medical enhancement in electronic biometric wearable, smart body monitoring technology, infant monitoring, smart fitness devices and much more.

Mer-Mar Electronics has extensive years of experience spanning 4 decades in offering world-class medical PCB assembly and manufacturing services for the medical, dental, and therapeutic industry. We have the capacity to assemble everything from head to toe of the medical diagnosis and treatment devices, healthcare monitoring devices, advanced therapeutic treatment devices, and other critical medical electronics. We cater to high performance medical PCB assemblies. Also, do avail our PCB consulting service in conversation with a team of skilled PCB experts that have experience working from ground level to complex electronic manufacturing technology. Get a Free quote for PCB Assembly!

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