How to Save on PCB Assembly with US Based Contract Manufacturer?

By Mer-Mar Electronics Date posted: Last updated: February 28, 2023
benefits of pcb assembly in usa

With printed circuit board assemblies used in electronics manufacturing operations across industries, the need for a reliable contract manufacturer is on an increase. The right contract manufacturer can offer efficient solutions and ensure that the client operations are successful.

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The primary benefits of choosing PCB assembly in USA include the following:

Benefits of PCB Assembly in USA

benefits of choosing USA based PCB manufacturer

Improved PCB Design Efficiency

An efficient design can go a long way in creating an effective PC board. This is one aspect where a manufacturing partner on account of his wealth of experience can offer huge insights. In fact a professional contract manufacturing company will be able to point out any critical flaws that can come in the way of efficient manufacturing.

Latest PCB Technology

As PCB Assembly Manufacturer will be able to offer you the advantage of latest design and manufacturing technology without your having to invest money in purchasing equipment.

Improved PCB Material Costs

With the PCB manufacturing company’s relationship with suppliers, acquisition costs will be significantly lower thus building in business efficiencies. Also as the contract manufacturer will take care of repairs, you are saved of both the costs and trouble of replacing faulty units.

Since a contract manufacturer can be extremely crucial to business operations, it is also imperative that the PCBA be chosen with utmost care. In fact, US based contract manufacturers can offer a whole lot of advantages that would not accrue, should you go in for an off shore supplier. The advantages span right from improved product quality to easy availability of stocks as also quality customer service. The added advantage also accrues from the fact that choosing a US based manufacturer significantly impacts your soft costs and therefore helps keep the budget in check.

Improved Quality

With a local manufacturer you can be assured of high-quality products as well as the fact that they are readily available. With an overseas manufacturer you may have to incur added costs to ensure that the quality isn’t compromised.

With a US based manufacturer, you can also be sure that any issues can be solved real time so that you do not have to worry about the PCB quality and in turn the quality of the final product. With trained and experienced engineers available in person, you can also be certain that they can offer implementable tips on improved manufacturability of the product.


Ease of Communication

When you deal with an off shore supplier, you typically have to deal with a number of bottlenecks, primary among them being the fact that you are dealing with people across time zones. Ever so often real time responses can become an issue. Besides this both language as well as differing culture can often become an impediment in smooth communication resulting in a whole lot of gaps that can cost the business dearly. While English has pretty much become a global language, there are a host of

With a US based contract manufacturer lines of communication tend to be clearer. You tend to save time and energy on back-and-forth communication. This of course also has a positive implication on cost as well as you are saved of time that can be used in other productive aspects of business.

Shipping Costs and Timelines

Another major aspect when it comes to choose of a contract manufacturer has to do with shipping. Both time lines of delivery as well as the condition in which goods arrive are critical. In both these aspects, a US based manufacturer can offer significant advantages as transit times are substantially shrunk. In turn this means that your production flows are not hampered. Especially when you are working on tight deadlines, the long offshore shipping timelines can play havoc with your production cycles. If you are running a new business where demand forecast isn’t very accurate this can impact you severely as there could be instances where the entire production process is on hold as you await an offshore shipment.

The other advantage of course comes in terms of shipping costs. Foreign shipments tend to be more expensive while local ones keep these costs under check. Ever so often with offshore shipments besides the high shipping costs you also need to bear high cargo insurance costs as there is the fear of accident or damage in transit. Each of these costs in turn affect cost price. With local shipments, on the other hand, there is lower cost as well as lower risk, thereby keeping total costs under check.

There are therefore enough and more reasons to work with a US based electronic contract manufacturer. Whether it is improved quality of products, smoother communication or reduced shipping hassles, each of these will have a bearing on the cost and thereby offer you significant competitive advantage in terms of cost efficiency.

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