How to overcome the most common PCB Fabrication errors?

By Mer-Mar Electronics | Date posted: | Last updated: April 20, 2021
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When it comes to PCB fabrication, we could be looking at a fair amount of complexity, as multi-layered boards with as many as 36 layers are being used extensively. What it brings in its fold, however, is the possibility of errors, which could turn out to be costly. There is, therefore, a pressing need to keep an eye on the common PCB fabrication errors so that they can be avoided. Here is a comprehensive list of errors to watch out for:

#1. Flex Cracking

What does it entail?

Simply put, this error occurs when the PCB bends excessively on account of the ceramic chip capacitor.

How can it be side stepped?

The simple solution to this problem is varying the size of the capacitor. The usage of a small capacitor can successfully solve this issue.

#2. Clearance constraint

What does it entail?

This is a fairly common PCB fabrication error. It occurs when in designing the board, the clearance constraint is not taken into account.

How can it be side stepped?

To ensure that this issue does not occur the manufacturing capabilities need to be understood prior to production, so that the board can be designed accordingly.

#3. Power shortage

What does it entail?

If there is a shortage of power during the building stage, it can impact the functionality of the board.

How can it be side stepped?

Visual inspections and cold tests can ensure that the board’s electricity is checked and that there is no inadvertent power shortage.

#4. Mechanical Issues

What does it entail?

A wide range of mechanical issues can take place if the components do not fit well on the board or if they are placed too close together.

How can it be side stepped?

It is imperative that all component dimensions are double-checked and that there is enough room for each component so that any issues can be avoided.

#5. Impedance Control

What does it entail?

Some PCB designs have components that require impedance controlled tracks. This requires that the specifications of the manufacturer are followed.

How can it be side stepped?

To ensure that no issues are faced, it is important that the manufacturer specifications are taken well in advance and strictly adhered to.

#6. Drill constraints

What does it entail?

The drill capacities of manufacturers are an important aspect to know before hand. Typically drill sizes range from 6 to 14 millimeters.

How can it be side stepped?

#7. Vias

What does it entail?

As part of the PCB fabrication service, it is important to drill holes for the vias. The holes are in turn plated. In case during the plating process the copper layer does not adhere to the surface, a discontinuity comes about. In turn, this could lead to a number of issues in the PCB.

How can it be side stepped?

To avoid this issue, it is important to ensure that the hole that is drilled is smooth. Rough or fast drilling can lead to the hole being defective as also cause uneven copper deposition. To ensure that this does not happen, it is necessary to use the recommended tools and to apply the right amount of force for the drilling. Any lapse in either of these two aspects is likely to lead to a PCB fab issue.

#8. Missing Solder Mask

What does it entail?

This issue erupts when the space between the pads is constrained. With closely packed pads, in turn, solder mask deposition is impacted. This could lead to short circuits besides impacting the life span of the PCB making it vulnerable to rusting.

How can it be side stepped?

This issue needs to be side stepped at the design stage itself. What is needed is strict adherence to issues such as:

  • Size of copper pads
  • Clearances
  • Copper trace

If these are taken care of, the copper masks in between the pads will not be an issue.

With Mermar Electronics, a credible PCB Fabrication service, USA, you can rest assured that the above issues are well taken care of. By virtue of our four decades of experience in the domain of fabricating complex PCB boards across industries, we can anticipate these issues well in advance and ensure that corrective action is taken. By partnering with us, not only are you assured of high quality PCB, but also complete peace of mind. For more information, Explore our PCB Fabrication Services.

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How Automation in PCB Fabrication is Meeting the Needs of Today’s Industries?

By Mer-Mar Electronics | Date posted: | Last updated: December 23, 2021

Think of PCBs and you tend to increasingly think of complex, high-density, multi-layered boards. With industries such as computing, telecommunication and IoT especially, you are particularly talking about highly complex and miniaturized products necessitating such boards. We are already increasingly seeing trace and space widths of 1 mil being considered.

While in its early stages, PCB manufacturing was a manual job, today’s technology and the need for increasingly small boards, calls for the need for a high degree of automation. In fact, it would be near impossible to mass-produce these delicate boards without an automated assembly process. Besides the mass production of boards, automation also brings about a host of other benefits.

Benefits of automation in PCB Fabrication

Automation in PCB fabrication comes with a range of benefits, including but not limited to:

Cost advantage

Shorter assembly times

Low chances of error

Higher Quality


  • Cost advantage – There are no doubts, that as opposed to manual assembly, which involves a sizeable labor cost, the running expenses when it comes to automation are far lower. In turn, this translates into optimal product pricing, which can be huge source of competitive advantage.
  • Shorter assembly times – With faster time-to-market being yet another important criterion in today’s hugely competitive world, what automation importantly also offers is a faster assembly time.
  • Low chances of error – Manual assembly can also come with high probability of manual errors, which in turn can lead to costly mistakes. Automation in PCB Fabrication, however, takes away the scope of these errors and ensures that you have a quality product and complete peace of mind.
  • Higher Quality – Reduced errors automatically translate into high quality PCB fabrication, which in turn determines the quality and reliability of the end product.
  • Miniaturization: As mentioned above, given the constantly reducing size of gadgets, the need of the hour is to create miniature PCBs with high component density. Again, this is a task that automation can achieve. Automated systems can go a long way in sorting out parts, placing components correctly and even perform testing. With a manual intervention most of this isn’t possible, given the high component density.

What are some of the automation used in PCB Manufacturing?

Typically, when you think of automation in PCB manufacturing, you tend to think largely of robotics in terms of assembly. However, there is a lot more to automation ranging right from component marking right up to packaging and testing. Some of the automated systems being used by a best-in-class PCB Manufacturing service today, include:

  • Automated system of marking and labeling components
  • Machines that can pick up small components and place them on the board
  • Automated soldering systems
  • Routing machines
  • Automated systems for inspection
  • Test systems such as in-circuit tests or flying probe tests to ascertain manufacturing integrity.
  • Conveyors for transporting boards
  • Bar code readers for tracking components
  • Packaging systems to seal the final products as and when they are ready.

In fact, as PCB technology continues to advance, reliable Contract Manufacturers will continue to look for new and improved automated manufacturing systems to further streamline processes and to add to their efficacy. These will also include newer testing techniques that ensure that any errors do not go undetected.

It is imperative, therefore, that you choose a PCB Manufacturing service that that is committed to maintain a high level of automation that in turn, ensures high quality PCBs at the lowest possible costs. By ensuring this, you are making sure that the PCB fabrication service is not only geared to handle your current requirements, but is also equipped to tackle the changed landscape that is sure to develop in times to come.

At Mermar Electronics, we offer a one-stop solution for contract manufacturing and PCB fabrication. With our goal being to provide consistent product quality with quick turnaround time, we rely on the highest degree of automation. It is on account of this that we are also able to provide the highest degree of customer service and reliability to our clients. You can count on us to meet and exceed your PCB Manufacturing needs. We are ever committed to staying ahead of the curve, when it comes to meeting the growing demand for different types of PCB Fabrication Services.

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Top 5 Things to Consider for Choosing the Right PCB Fabrication and Assembly Service!

By Mer-Mar Electronics | Date posted: | Last updated: December 23, 2021

It is imperative to select the right PCB fabrication and assembly service as this choice can make a huge difference to the project by providing high quality PCB, reducing turnaround time as well as optimizing costs. On the other hand, it can be extremely frustrating to realize that the manufacturer that you have chosen is either unable to fulfill the turnaround time or has sub standard products to offer that can cost you your brand reputation.

To partner with the right provider, it is important to first ascertain your own needs. Even before one looks at the considerations to choose the right partner, it will be worthwhile to figure out the levels of manufacturing available:

PCB Fabrication

This service is useful when what you require is just fabrication and not assembly of components. With this option, however, you need to be comfortable with procuring parts on your own as well as assembling the board.

PCB fabrication and assembly

This option has the added advantage of getting the partner to fabricate the PCB as well as assemble it, while you provide the components.

Turnkey PCB Manufacturing

When availing of turnkey facilities, you are relieved of the responsibilities of procuring components. In this case the PCB manufacturer offers you ready to use PCBs. This facility assures you of quick turnaround times besides taking away the hassle of procuring materials.

Over and above this, there is also the possibility of availing of box build services where you can be assured of complete systems including PCBs with their parts and enclosures.

Aspects to consider when shortlisting PCB Fabrication & Assembly Service


Quality is certain to top your charts when it comes to PCBs. It is important to remember that if you are dealing with only a PCB fabrication USA, service, quality components aren’t his responsibility. Similarly, if you are opting for fabrication and assembly services, again sourcing components are your responsibility. It is only if you are opting for turnkey manufacturing, that the PCB manufacturer is responsible for the entire finished product.

Either way, it is imperative for you to check:

  • What quality control and testing methods are being deployed
  • Do the quality management systems adhere to industry norms and certifications?
  • Do the boards meet the IPC standards?

Turnaround Time

With time to market being a key source of competitive advantage, turnaround time is of essence. You, therefore, need to check with the manufacturer for the following aspects:

  • The standard turnaround being offered by the manufacturer
  • Is this time inclusive of design validation
  • If there are any design changes, do the timelines budget for that?
  • Are the timelines inclusive of delivery times


Cost is likely to be another aspect that could be crucial for the success of the project. In evaluating the cost, however, you need to account for the fact that in case you are opting for the fabrication only option, what are the additional costs that you have to incur in procuring components and in assembly. It will also be worthwhile to check the following:

  • Is the cost inclusive of a Design for manufacturing report?
  • For turnkey options, is the cost inclusive of concierge services to procure components that aren’t easily available?
  • Is the cost inclusive of testing costs?
  • Are Non-recurring engineering costs, accounted for?


The level of support offered by the contract manufacturer is also crucial to be ascertained. To this end, you need to delve into it in some detail, especially since support cannot sit like a line item the way costs do, in a spreadsheet. It is important, therefore to seek the following clarifications with the manufacturer:

  • Availability of support team
  • Their level of expertise
  • Point of contact
  • Turnaround time for queries


Last, but definitely not the least, it is important to ascertain the level of technical expertise of the contract manufacturer. Some of the areas to look at include:

  • Does the manufacturer have a specialized technical team with the requisite knowledge and industry experience?
  • Does he have the necessary expertise and experience when it comes specifically to your industry vertical?


It is essential to weigh in on the above factors before you make your choice. A quality turnkey PCB service will ensure the following:

  • Ensure quick turnaround times
  • Ensure BOM verifications
  • Source reliable components
  • Ensure PCB quality
  • Provide reliable support

Mermar Electronics has over 40 Years of Experience in providing full range of PCB Fabrication and PCB Manufacturing Service throughout the United States. Whether you require small to large production, Mermar Electronics excel in delivering Consistent Quality, On-Time and On-Budget PCB Fabrication Services in USA.

If you have any queries regarding to our products or services or need an urgent assistance, then please don’t hesitate to contact our team of skilled personnel’s. Send us an email with your queries at

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6 Reasons Why Mermar Electronics is your first choice for PCB Fabrication

By Mer-Mar Electronics | Date posted: | Last updated: December 23, 2021

When it comes to contract manufacturing services- right from PCB prototyping to fabrication and turnkey assembly, Mermar Electronics has emerged as the one stop shop. Not without reason- At Mermar we take immense pride about the superior quality PCB that we deliver as also the excellent customer service that is on offer. With our PCB fabrication and assemblies following the highest quality standards and being RoHS compliant, peace of mind is a given!

Here are The Top 6 Reasons why Mermar Electronics is your go-to destination for PCB Fabrication:

Full Service Offerings

With over 4 decades of experience, a key advantage that we offer is a full range of services beginning right from quick prototyping facilities. There are many advantages that come with full-service offerings, primary among them being:

  • Effective component sourcing
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Accountability

When you choose Mermar Electronics, you are choosing complete peace of mind knowing that there will not be cascading delays on account of multiple vendors. What you are also protecting yourself against is the possibility of miscommunication amongst the various vendors leading to costly errors. We have a whole range of state-of-the-art PCB manufacturing equipment that ensures that we deliver quality products.

Our range of customers include startups looking for prototype services as well as larger companies looking for mass production. We bring identical levels of commitment as well as customer service to both.

Certified Quality Standards

When it comes to quality there are no chances that you can take as PCB fabrication is the key to the success of your final product. With years of expertise, at Mermar, we offer state-of-the-art PCB solutions that adhere to the highest quality standards. With our ISO-9001:2015 certified products, you can rest assured that you are being offered industry leading products. The fact that our products are also EAR (Export Administration Regulations) Compliant, is an added advantage. Additionally, we are ITAR Registered with The US State Department.

Strong in-house Team

An in-house team of experts ensures that all PCB designs go through the most rigorous of quality checks to meet the specifications. In fact, a Design for Manufacturing test ensures that no issues are faced at a later date that can prove to be costly and can lead to delay in go-to-market. Also before the final product is shipped to the client, thorough tests and inspection ensure that there are no inherent flaws.

Quick Turnaround Time

A key USP is also our turnaround time and strict adherence to timelines. Our turnaround time typically ranges from 24 hours to 1 week.

The fact that we offer turnkey services also ensure that you do not have to deal with multiple vendors and that any delay at one end does not lead to a string of delays. Our fully responsive team ensures that we offer you service that is both timely as well as customized to your bespoke needs. Additionally, our best on-time shipping record ensures that the products are received timely.

Excellent Customer Service

A number of factors go in to make our superior customer services. Primary among them is the fact that we have a 24-hour tech support. Our pricing is extremely competitive and we do not hold you to any minimum orders. What this means is that whether you are a start-up or a large firm, you can equally rely on us. Having maintained effective customer relationships for over 25 years and having 99% customer satisfaction index, our huge portfolio of satisfied clients stands as the biggest testimony to our success. In fact, a wide range of testimonials available from our clients across industry verticals will go on to show the extent to which they rely on us for their range of PCB requirements.

Expertise in Aerospace and Medical Grade Application

Long years of experience in fabricating PCBs across industry domains, has given us a significant edge. We have special expertise in developing PCBs for aerospace and medical grade application. We meet the necessary quality standards for these industries and hence are a preferred partner.

To know more about our quality PCB Service offerings, Please feel free to reach out to us. Our engineers will study your bespoke requirements and will get back with viable solutions. We pride ourselves in not just meeting but exceeding customer requirements, whether those are simple PCB boards or highly complex multilayered boards. Irrespective of whether you are looking for a quick prototype or want us to fabricate mass solutions, we are a reliable one-stop-shop. Little surprise then that we are recognized as a trusted South California contract manufacturing and PCB fabrication and assembly company.

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