Top Reasons to Choose Fully Integrated Service for PCB Box Build Assemblies

By Mer-Mar Electronics Date posted: Last updated: December 15, 2022

A box build, also popularly known as systems integration is essentially an electromechanical assembly process. It largely includes enclosure fabrication, installation, routing of cable harness, installation of assemblies as well as components.

There are the number of benefits of using Box Build Assembly, primary among them being high-quality control of the system at optimal costs.

When it comes to outsourcing a provider for PCB Build Box Assembly, it is imperative that you choose someone who offers end-to-end PCB integrated services. Here are the top reasons why:

Reduction of Time

With integrated services, you tend to benefit on the overall delivery time especially as you do not have to deal with individual vendors where a delay in one leads to a cascading delay and can throw your schedules out of gear. It today’s competitive environment delays can play havoc and can result in a substantial competitive disadvantage.

In addition, you will not have to undergo the stress of coordinating the different stages. With one company handling the project right from design engineering to material acquisition, assembly, testing, warehousing and shipping you will be able to trace the project development easily. Complete peace of mind is thus guaranteed.

Cost Optimization

Integrated services also come with cost advantages as the project is handled end-to-end by a single provider and thus he can benefit from and pass on the cost benefits that accrue on account of it.

Customized Solutions

Integrated services also work well where you require customized solutions for your Box Build Assembly as the provider then has accountability. This is as opposed to each provider providing piecemeal facilities. Especially for complex projects, this is of essence as you cannot afford to lose precious time on account of lags in information or time. With an integrated provider there are significantly fewer risks of rework, which can play havoc with your production plans.

If your integrated provider has experience in handling your industry requirements you can rest assured of the solution, as opposed to having different providers.

Effective Component Sourcing

An integrated provider also has a well-developed supplier network, which could be both global and domestic. Hence sourcing of custom manufactured components is easy and cost-effective.

Improved Efficiency and Value

Integrated services allow you to leverage the portfolio strengths of the company such as insourcing. In addition, the provider optimizing and streamlining the assembly process brings efficiency for the customer and helps in making them competitive in their markets.

An integrated provider is also likely to have the necessary equipment and testing procedures to ensure that the box build is of high quality and is viable.

Highly Suited for Start-Ups

With more and more start-ups creating innovative products, their need to provide end-to-end solutions to bring their concepts to life is on an increase. From simple box builds to highly complex systems, can be provided by integrated providers. In fact, they can set up “lean lines” for total turnkey manufacturing for complex box build products with low lead times. Also, with the purchase, logistics, inventory control teams working together, high quality is assured.

Packaging and Delivery Issues

If you choose multiple vendors, packaging, warehousing and delivery remain a logistical issue for you to contend with. No matter how good the product, if it is delivered late or if they are damaged during shipping, customer confidence is lost. As opposed to this, an integrated box build provider will take care of these logistical issues so that you do not have to worry on these accounts. In fact, integrated providers can often ship the products to the end customer.

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