Top 8 Benefits of using Turnkey PCB Assembly Service for Startups

By Mer-Mar Electronics Date posted: Last updated: December 28, 2021

The importance of turnkey PCB Assembly cannot be overstated. Simply put, turnkey PCB Assembly implies that the PCB supplier takes care of all aspects from procurement of components to assembly. The importance of this process becomes particularly enhanced when it comes to startups. Here are the top benefits of using turnkey PCB Assembly for startups:

  1. High quality Product – When it comes to turnkey PCB assembly services, the biggest thing on offer is a high quality product. With professional board quality and expert soldering of surface mount components, you can be sure of getting a product that is best-in-class. These days with miniaturization becoming the order of the day, the use of professional machines can ensure that the solder joints are perfect even on small components.

  2. Makes a strong impression on investors – It is a well-accepted fact, that what is likely to impress investors are not just pitch decks but also a proof of concept. Turnkey suppliers ensure that you get finished, professional looking boards with your company name and logo that add to the look & feel .The high quality product will go a long way in convincing investors that your startup is ready for final production production.

  3. Identifies Problems Early – A major advantage of using a professional turnkey supplier for your prototype is that it can in the early stages, bring to light any design concerns. The turnkey provider will review your design and therefore any manufacturing issues will come to light at this stage itself. If errors require a change in design, they can be made so that the prototype comes very close to the final product. Needless to mention, that these errors can prove to be very costly if not detected in time. Experienced PCB designers cannot just correct that product they can also help you establish design practices for future products.

  4. Saves time – A major advantage of using Turnkey PCB Assembly services is that it saves precious time for the start-up, which can be devoted to core business areas. The team need not spend its valuable time sourcing quality parts and then assembling them. The man-hours thus saved go a long way in adding to work efficiency. With a turnkey provider you need to deal with just one service provider instead of dealing with multiple PCB parts suppliers and an assembler.

    Quick turnaround time and the ability to track your order in real time also has huge advantages especially for a startup, which cannot afford to miss deadlines and impact its credibility.

  5. Single Point of Contact –With a single point of contact you also reap the advantages of the fact that any changes that are required can be done seamlessly. This is as opposed to having multiple vendors where a small change can lead to a ripple effect of delays not to mention the issues that can arise on account of communication errors.

  6. Cost efficiency – When you are running a startup, cost efficiency is a key focus area. Manufacturers are known to price turnkey services more competitively. Also if you purchase PCB parts separately you need to deal with shipping costs for each of the parts, thereby adding to the overall costs.

  7. Financial planning – The other advantage of using turnkey PCB services is also that it comes in handy in financial planning. Not only can the provider give you the current cost but also indicate the costs for higher quantity production. This will help you estimate the final product cost efficiently. With turnkey providers what you also have is the facility of instant quotes that makes planning extremely easy and hassle free.

    Turnkey assembly providers also take on orders of producing different number of units per month basis your requirements as you may not be in a position to place a large production run order. Also with repeat orders production set up costs can be reduced. You will also not have to pay for design changes in subsequent orders, thereby optimizing costs.

  8. Customization – Turnkey assembly is sometimes thought of following a cookie cutter approach. Nothing can be far away from the truth as turnkey can bring offer the benefits of customization while bringing in the cost benefits.

To sum up, a startup benefits from utilizing the services of a turnkey supplier, as they can bring ideas to life with ease. The added advantages of flexibility and speed go a long way in making it the perfect choice! The fact that you can also monitor the progress in a transparent manner, offer the much-needed peace of mind to a startup that it will be able to meet its timelines.

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