Multilayer PCB Design

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Multilayer PCB Design

A multilayer PCB design comes with a wide range of advantages, key among them being:

  • Accommodating high level of functionality into a miniaturized product with a small form factor.
  • Availability of high capacity and high speed in a smaller footprint.
  • Reduced need for connectors, simplifying construction and reducing weight.
  • High density of assembly.
  • High quality, reliable end products.

This, however, requires effective multilayer PCB design capabilities. At Mermar Electronics, we undertake custom PCB design for multilayer PCBs for a wide range of devices. In turn, we help with bringing high quality products to the market on time as well as within budget.

Our rich experience of over 4 decades and the fact that we have access to design best practices ensures that we offer you effective designs and save you time and cost as also a vicious cycle of corrections.

Some of the best practices that we follow when it comes to multilayer PCB design, include:

Optimizing printed circuit board size

Setting up an optimal board size basis the following factors, is key:

  • Number of components.
  • Size of components.
  • Location where the board is to be mounted.
  • Tolerances for spacing, clearances, drill holes and more.

Optimizing layer design

The layers are designed basis the following factors:

  • Signal Types
  • Impedance Requirements

Optimizing via selection

It is important to make the right choice of vias, whether blind, buried, through-hole or via-in-pad as that has a big role to play when it comes to the quality of PCB.

Optimizing material selection for PCB design

The selection of the right material needs to be done on a layer-to-layer basis. As a thumb rule it is important to note that signal layer and ground plane distribution within the stack needs to be symmetric.

Optimizing the manufacturing of your boards

The right design decisions that include aspects such as clearances, drill hole sizes, solder masking options and other DFM guidelines go a long way in effective manufacturing of boards.

Mer-Mar Electronics – Your reliable partner for
Multilayer PCB Design

Superior facility – We have state-of-the-art facilities that use industry leading design tools. Our PCB design also uses 3D models that simplify M-CAD integration.

Experienced Personnel – Our experienced designers are fully equipped with design best practices. Whether your project requires high-speed constraint-driven requirements, or basic I/O, we can deliver comprehensive designs. We also have expertise in offering RoHS compliant designs.

Quick turnaround time – At Mermar Electronics, we ensure that we offer fast turnarounds without compromising on the design integrity.

Design for Assembly and Testability – Rest assured that our designs offer ease of assembly. Our design techniques also make the PCBs easier to test. You do not therefore have to contend with costly errors at a later stage.

Multilayer PCB Design Services

We offer custom multilayer circuit board design and layout for multilayer boards for a variety of electronic systems. Whether you already have the schematics and want a layout created or want us to build a design from scratch or you want to optimize an existing design, we have you covered.

Right from schematic design and PCB board layout to testing, validation, certification, we undertake the entire cycle of the multilayer PCB design process. Here are some of the services that we offer:

PCB Multilayer Design

Multilayer PCB layout

In designing the layout, we take into consideration the number of layers and dimensions of components. Evaluation of signal integrity and electrical limitations is an important aspect of the safety of the board level architecture. With complex layouts we undertake various simulations and run DFM/DFA analysis to ensure there are minimum design revisions.

Multilayer PCB Design Service

Technical Specifications

You can count on us to prepare a detailed project specification as a part of the custom multilayer PCB design service. This includes:

  • Technical Requirements
  • Block Diagrams
  • Preliminary BOM
  • Tools and technologies
Multilayer PCB Design Services

Schematic Design

We use professional CAD software to create a schematic design that covers the electrical connections between various components.

Multilayer PCB Layout

Documentation and Output Files

Count on us to create the documentation required to get your multilayer PCB design out for manufacturing. With a multilayer PCB there are typically more details needed on the manufacturing drawings. The fabrication drawings need multilayer board stack up details and notes. If Gerber files are being used for manufacturing outputs, additional files are needed for multiple board layers.

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Multilayer PCB Design Process

We undertake an extremley flexible and transparent process to make sure your project is a success. Here are the several stages of the multilayer PCB design process:

  • The process begins with undertaking a 360-degree analysis of the electrical and mechanical interfaces.
  • At the beginning of the multilayer PCB design phase itself, we help ascertain product costs depending on your requirements of technology, size and timescale.
  • The next phase involves developing the design. At this stage there is a close collaboration with mechanical engineers as well as fabricators so that no aspects are missed.

The above steps ensure that the multilayer PCB design is developed basis your bespoke needs and offers the fit and function you are looking for.

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Multilayer PCB Fabrication and Testing

Post approval of the design we also undertake PCB fabrication and testing. A Bill of Materials and Gerber Files are prepared. We are also equipped to create a 3D model of the PCB. We also provide the manufacturer with the data and softwrae that helps with electrical and impedance tests.

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Multilayer PCB Design Capabilities

At Mermar Electronics our multilayer PCB design capabilities include:

  • Professional PCB design services for multilayer, rigid, flex as well as rigid-flex PCBs.
  • Catering to complex and dense PCB layout designs.
  • Using Software such as CAD-OrCAD PCB Designer, Cadence, Allegro, Protel CAM-UCAM CAMs/w, GC-Prevue Plus, Valor Trilogy 5000.
  • Component footprint and library creation.
  • Sensitive signal routing for analog and digital circuits.
  • PCB reverse engineering services.
  • Schematics.
  • Gerber Verification.
  • Auto routing.
  • Optimizing existing PCB designs.
  • PCB prototyping.
  • PCB manufacturing & testing.

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Multilayer PCB Applications

Multilayer PCBs offer high assembly density as well as greater flexibility than single layered PCBs. Particularly with increasing miniaturization of devices the need for multilayer PCBs is only growing. Some of the areas where multilayer PCBs find wide application include:

  • Electronics and Communications
  • Aerospace applications
  • Signal transmission
  • Cell phone transmission
  • Cell phone repeaters
  • GPS technology
  • Industrial controls
  • Satellite systems
  • Hand held devices
  • Test equipment
  • X-ray equipment
  • Heart monitors
  • Cat scan technology
  • Atomic accelerators
  • Central fire alarm systems
  • Fiber optic receptors
  • Nuclear detection systems
  • Space probe equipment
  • Weather analysis

Multilayer Circuit Board Design FAQs

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