PCB Design Service

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PCB Design Service

Miniaturization of electronics have necessitated that PCBs be designed with great proficiency. With high density of components, PCB design service plays a very important aspect in the efficacy of the circuit board. Not only does the design need to adhere to design principles but also to IPC standards, ensuring high reliability as well as signal integrity.

At Mer-Mar Electronics, we have over 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing different types of PCBs, irrespective of their complexity levels. You can rely on our PCB design and layout services using the latest techniques and technologies. In addition, our expert professionals are armed with industry best practices that ensure you do not have to deal with any costly errors. We offer quick turnaround times for complex boards while not compromising on quality.

Whether you need a PCB layout service from design schematics that you have created, you have an existing design that needs updation or need a new PCB design, we have you covered. Not just that, once the circuit board layout is complete, we can offer complete turn-key solutions, including PCB fabrication and assembly.

Some of the important aspects that need to be kept in mind for a high-quality PCB design service include:

  • Board material- This is the cornerstone of any project as you need to understand what materials will be required to create your PCB.
  • PCB stack up- This implies the number of layers that the PCB will have
  • Copper traces- An important component of the PCB, it is important to understand their properties and limitations in the PCB design.
  • Via types – There are a number of vias including buried, through-hole, blind, and micro. Best PCB designs, however, try to minimize the number of vias.
  • Selecting Parts- Choosing the right parts will ensure the quality of the designed PCB.
  • Design rules that deal with component placements, layer allocations, time of flight analysis, Design for Manufacturing (DFM) rules and more.
  • Signal & power integrity- To ensure the quality signal-integrity (SI) simulations will need be performed pre and post layout.

Why is Mer-Mar Electronics your one stop shop for
all your PCB Design and Layout Requirements?

State-of-the-art facility – Our superior equipment and experienced manpower ensures that you get high quality PCB designs and that there aren’t any errors to deal with at a later stage. We offer design services for various boards including analogue, digital as well as high-frequency boards. In addition, we specialize in the design of one and two-sided PCBs as well as multilayered PCBs.

DFM and DFT compliance – Strict adherence to DFM compliance ensures that there is lower cost of circuit board manufacturing as also shorter production time. In short, what you get are high quality PCBs with improved reliability and increased rate of acceptance.

Quick turnaround time – Count on our quick turnaround times that enable you to go-to-market quickly and reap a sizeable competitive advantage.

PCB Design Service

PCB Design Service

PCB Layout and Design

With the use of reliable design software we offer high quality design files to meet the manufacturing requirements of your PCB. The software that we use include PROTEL (Altium Designer), PADS (Power PCB), ORCAD, Kicad, Cam 350/Camtastic 2000 and Cadence Allegro. In addition we also offer full 3D CAD design output capabilities.

PCB Design Services

DFM Compliance

Count on us to design boards with compliance with DFM, DFA, DFT, as well as international IPC standards. In turn this ensures that your time of production is shortened and that you get high quality boards.

Printed Circuit Board Design

3D Printing

Our team of 3D printing and design experts can offer rapid prototypes, on demand parts and low volume production runs. Our reliable 3D printing technology is known for its accuracy and reliability.

Circuit Board Design

Prototype PCB services

We have great expertise in offering design services for prototype PCBs. From boards with a two-layer design to highly complex, multilayer, high-density PCB boards you can count on us for your prototype services.

PCB Design & Layout Process

The many steps involved in our PCB design services include:

Schematic Capturing: The process begins with drawing circuit designs on paper followed by processing it using the schematic editor. Our personnel are equipped with using the schematic capture software. The electronic design is then converted into a netlist file. The file has details of component pins as well as circuit nodes.

PCB Component Footprint Creation: This is an important process as it helps to determine the overall space available for various components. On the basis of the footprint creation, a mounting scheme is then determined. The creation of the footprints, help determine the number of layers. We are equipped to use both SMT or Through-hole technology for the actual placement.

PCB Routing: The use of a PCB software is made to route all the physical connections between the components. he software makes use of the netlist to route these connections. Our experienced personnel are fully equipped to undertake complex routing.

PCB Verification & Analysis: Our designers undertake a thorough verification and analysis to ensure that the assembly is free of any defects. This is made possible on account of our robust testing protocols that include in-circuit testing, X-Ray testing, functional testing, AOI and more. No matter what is the complexity of the board, you can rest assured that any defects will be caught and that you will not have to deal with costly errors at a time at the manufacturing stage or worse still when the product has already been sent into the market.

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PCB Design & Layout Capabilities

We have extensive experience designing several kinds of circuit boards:

  • Single Sided PCB Design
  • Double Sided PCB design
  • Multiple Layer Board Design
  • Rigid and flexible circuit board technologies
  • Mixed components – through-hole and surface mount

Our PCB design turnkey solutions include:

  • Design idea development, block diagram, power estimate
  • Schematic capture
  • BOM cost estimate
  • Enclosure/chassis design
  • PCB floor-plan study
  • PCB Layout Design
  • Thermal/Power Simulation
  • Power Integrity and Signal Integrity analysis
  • PCB fabrication and assembly
  • Board bring up and testing
  • HW user manual, application notes

Our technical capabilities include:

Feature Technical specification
Number of layers 1-30 layers for multi-layer circuits
Materials FR4, FR5, CEM-3, CEM-1, Rogers, High TG, Aluminum Halogen Free, Metal Base (Al, Cu)
Copper weights (finished) 17μm – 175μm
Quality standards IPC-A-600F, MIL-STD-105D China GB4588
Design Software as PROTEL (Altium Designer), PADS (Power PCB), ORCAD, Kicad, Cam 350/Camtastic 2000 and Cadence Allegro
Design Verifications DFM & DFT, Gerber Checking using CAM Tool, In-Process Cross QC,IPC & Mil Standard, EMC/EMIs

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Circuit Board Design Services

In terms of deliverables, we offer the following:

  • Project File including:

    • Schematics
    • PCB Layout
    • Output Settings File
  • Fabrication Files:

    • Gerber Files
    • Drill Files
    • Rout data for PCB cutouts
    • BOM
    • Assembly Drawings.
    • Firmware files (if needed).
  • Our DFM checks include:

    • Use of CAMMASTER & EMS magician
    • Custom DFM Rule
    • Silkscreen clipping
    • 3D view of PCB
  • Panelized Data:

    • PCB fiducials.
    • PCB rails with both fiducials and tooling holes.
    • Mouse bites and/or V-Scoring.

In addition, you can count on us to offer:

  • Controlled impedance lines, differential planes, and high frequency lines
  • 3D models to detect signal interferences
  • SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supplies)
  • Matched length traces, stripline, microstrip, DDR, SATA,USB, and Ethernet in PCBs

PCB Design Service FAQs

Looking for custom circuit board design, PCB layout or any other PCB design service from Mer-Mar Electronics? Send us inquiry to Get a PCB design service quote based on your custom requirements.

If you have any queries regarding to our PCB design service or need an urgent assistance, then please don’t hesitate to contact our team of skilled personnel. Send us an email with your queries at sales@mermarinc.com or call us at (760) 244-6149. We are looking forward to hearing from you.